The Stroller Switch – Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Pram

Buying a good pram or stroller is like a good car. It pays to invest in a decent one instead of constantly buying a series of bombs. Yet even a decent car can break down or stop running properly over time. Any man-made machine can be prone to wear and tear or just plain stop working. And if your car gives up the ghost it can be easier to actually buy a new one rather than dicking about with extensive and expensive repairs. The same applies to your pram. So, read on to learn about several signs that it’s time to replace your old pram.

Damaged Parts

Most prams and strollers, except the really vintage, are made of moving parts and are easily collapsible so you can pack them down and pop them in the boot of your car or fit them onto public transport or even stow them away under airplanes for interstate and overseas trips. Yet these moving parts, which can consist of various brackets, hinges and springs are often the first parts of your pram to stop working. So, if they have and you can no longer fold or unfold your pram then it’s time for an upgrade.

Broken Brakes

The brakes of your pram are its most important safety feature. These keep it from rolling off, with your precious cargo on board, onto the road or onto some train or tram tracks. The majority of pram brakes are built to last but they too over time can degrade and become worn out and generally unsafe. If your brakes are no longer functioning as they should you need to keep your child’s safety as your top priority and invest in a brand new pram.

When You Have Another Child

If you have another child soon (1-3 years) after your first-born then chances are you’ll need to upgrade your pram to a double. A double pram allows you to get around easily with both of your bundles of joy. Here’s a hot tip – prams have a pretty decent resale value so sell your old pram to fund your new purchase. If money isn’t a problem for you then consider donating your old one to a charity or to a friend or family member that’s about to welcome a new addition to their clan.

Before You Replace

We thought we’d mention this valuable tip in this article to try and save our readers some hard-earned cash. If your pram breaks down or suffers from a manufacturing fault then you may be entitled to have it repaired, free of charge, under the manufacturer’s warranty. Check with the company that made your pram or stroller as some of them even offer warranties over the minimum one year. Please note that you can’t claim warranty repair for items that have been accidentally or intentionally damaged.

To Wrap it All Up

If you have read the above tips then you should know when you’re in the market for a new pram. First of all, if the moving parts of the pram are damaged and you can no longer fold it up or get it unfolded then it may be time to go pram or stroller shopping. Secondly, because safety is a priority, if the brakes of your pram stop working then you must immediately replace it. Please don’t wait around on this, as your pram needs working brakes. If you have another child soon after your first one then you may need to upgrade to a double pram to fit them both in! If your pram is damaged remember to check if you are entitled to a free warranty repair.

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