The Top 3 Ways to Pass a Drug Test

The most effective, sure bet to passing a drug test? Don’t do drugs

However, ours is not a perfect world and there are times when one might partake of a drug that would show up on a drug test and could possibly alter your sports career or job or even your family life. You may even innocently enough be taking a medication prescribed by a doctor that will “pop” on a drug test.

So if you need to pass a drug test, you first need to know how to make sure your urine is free of drugs and any other substances. The quick fix 6.2 is the best option you have, no matter what drugs you have been taking, it will ensure that you pass the urine test. Exercises increase your level of sweating and also the rate of metabolism but this is one of the simple ways to ensure that you pass the urine test and I didn’t even know you could buy something like this!

But there are other effective and faster ways to ensure that you pass the urine test. Here are the three most popular means to pass a drug test.

Top 3 Ways to Pass a Drug Test

Healthy Diet

You should eat foods that are high in fiber. They are easy to digest, and through the normal excretion process, some of the drug substance is removed. One should also avoid foods high in fats. This is because fats store drug substances. Removing high fats food from your diet is an effective method to avoid having too much drug in your system. A detox diet should mainly contain fruits and veggies. One should eat fresh fruits and veggies at regular intervals and in small portions. This is an effective detox plan for drug addicts. If you are trying to clean up your system so that you can pass a drug test, you should eat more fruits and veggies. It is also important to drink more water.

Synthetic Urine

Sometimes, one is not ready for a job interview opportunity. When it happens, and the first condition is to test for drugs, one may feel helpless. They tend to feel that they have lost the chance to get that dream job. Some athletes are also scared of being left out in major competitions with the potential to earn them a jackpot. In such instances, the only option is to use synthetic urine. Before you go for a urine test, ensure that you have it.   You may get synthetic urine online. This is the best way to avoid a urine synthesis that may show traces of drugs. Many people who are on drugs use this method.


This is another quick fix method to help eliminate traces of drugs in your urine. Using Midol or creatine substances will help you urinate more; hence you excrete drug traces from your urine. But you should also take more mineral supplements to avoid dehydration.  Drinking plenty of water ensures that the urine is dilute hence shows no trace of minerals or drugs. But this may lead to inconclusive test results. Taking aspirin also results in errors in the drug test. But when you use the diuretics with proper supplementation, then this will ensure that the drug test results do not come out positive.

Some people also request their friends who do not have a history of doing drugs to help them with urine samples. But the above three methods will ensure that your urine comes out clean even though you have been on drugs.

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