The Ultimate Winter Cleaning Guide

Forget about embarking on the ultimate spring clean, and instead, embrace a winter clean schedule. Much as I hate cleaning, I usually do a deep cleaning twice a year – winter and spring. It just helps to set the tone for a festive holiday with one less thing to worry about!

As we creep ever closer to the festive season, we want our homes to be clean, welcoming, and inviting. We don’t want to have to endure cluttered cupboards, kids’ toys strewn across the floor, and minimal natural light. To combat this clutter, you need a cleaning technique that will see you rejuvenate your pad in a super speedy and efficient way. Take a look at this incredible winter cleaning guide for your home.


Before you start a full-on deep clean, you need to declutter your pad. If you have knick-knacks and ornaments taking up your shelving and bookcases, consider storing some of this in your attic space. Sentimental items might need to be kept but they don’t need to be on show all the time. The same goes for kitchenalia and living room clutter.

When was the last time you used your espresso maker? Do you even rice potato anymore? Anything that can be shipped out needs to go to help you realize a lighter, airier, and more spacious living area. Think about selling some of the stuff you no longer need if it is in good condition. List it on eBay and allow it to find its price. Remember, if you haven’t used something in over a year, the chances are you won’t need it ever again.


The worst thing you could do is attempt to clean the whole house at once. I find that tackling one room per day works best. Otherwise, you will end up with many rooms getting started but never finished leading to a messier home than you started with! Instead, go room by room. Begin in the smallest room of your home and work out how long it takes to vacuum, dust, organize, and declutter.

I’ve talked about the FlyLady method on Life in a House before – she is amazing! If you want to take baby steps and work towards getting – and keeping! – your home drop-in-guest-ready, she is the lady to help you do it. Pop on over to and check out her products and website. She even has several free journals that you can download and customize here. She has a sale running for CyberMonday (today) … just use coupon code CLEAN25 to get 25% off already heavily discounted products.

When you have completed one room, this will motivate you to continue and complete the whole house. You may be surprised at just how much stuff you reorganize and the space that some nifty storage solutions can create.


The most important aspect of cleaning your home is the vacuuming. You will be shocked at just how much dust and debris your home and its residents can generate. Consider opting for a robot vacuum especially if you have a lot of floor space to over. With powerful cleaning on floorboards, rugs, and plush carpets, you can be certain that a robotic vacuum will leave your home totally dust-free.

A robot vacuum is efficient. You can switch it on before you head out to work in the morning, and it can have completed its chore by the time you return home in the evening. With sensors, a robot vacuum will map your floor area and ensure that every inch is covered.

The Ultimate Winter Cleaning Guide

If you are keen to enjoy a clean and welcoming home this winter, don’t wait until the spring before you embark on your cleaning huzzah. You need to be more proactive and get into the decluttering zone now. Follow this guide and give your humble abode the ultimate winter clean.

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