The Unsuspected Halloween Accidents In Everyday Life

Are you already counting the days until Halloween? With less than two weeks to prepare, it’s fair to say that the yards in your streets should have by now exhibits creative and fun decorations. But you still have some time to get the last details ready!

There is always room for one last carved pumpkin on the porch or to add the final touches to your Halloween costumes. However, if you’re celebrating Halloween, you need to make sure to avoid some of the most common accidents/incidents during the festive season. 

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Oops! The decoration was too much.

How much is too much? When it comes to your Halloween decorations, there shouldn’t be any limit! If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of young children, you can be sure they will appreciate your efforts to turn your front yard into an ode to ghosts, vampires, skeletons, and pumpkins. But you have to be cautious with your decorative enthusiasm. Some items can be cumbersome and damage your home and garden.

For instance, if you’ve been trying to hang seasonal decorations to your porch and garage door, you might want to check whether those are secured – you wouldn’t want a child to be hurt by a falling pumpkin. Additionally, be careful of where and how you secure your decoration. While it might be tempting to use door hinges and springs as a hook, you might need to book some emergency spring repair services to get your garage door open again!

Finally, if you’re creating a Halloween scene in the front yard, make sure to light up the path, so nobody accidentally stumbles upon your decor. 

Oh, I didn’t mean to offend anyone!

Your choice of decoration also plays an important role. Halloween is all about harmless fun. The last thing you want is to cause outrage around you. Some exceptionally realistic decorations have been reported to the police in the past, as people thought the display was real. If you don’t want to terrify your neighbors for good, you should keep things in a good spirit of fun. Creepy displays are only going to cause chaos in your local community. The same principle applies to your costume, especially if your office is throwing a Halloween party. A vampire dress or Harry Potter’s iconic glasses and cape are all you need to stay fun and classy at work without disturbing the business. 

Don’t carve mindlessly

Did you know that every year, the emergency rooms see a spike in hand injuries around Halloween time? Carving accidents are a lot more common than you might think. You need to be very careful about carving your pumpkin. Keep your hands dry to avoid slipping. More importantly, you want to rely on tools that are designed for the job. Most of the injuries are the result of using blunt knives that can’t slice through the outer skin. 

Sugar rush everywhere

How could sugar be a risk? The iconic treat or trick phrase can encourage many excesses. Sure, everybody loves a sweet treat. But try not to overdo it, your body will be running low on energy for days after a sugar rush! It will only make you more vulnerable to colds and viruses. 

Photo by Päivi Yli-Hollo from Pexels

In short, keeping Halloween fun is all about being cautious in your preps. From decorations to hand-carving, don’t take unnecessary risks that could cause you harm. 

Do you have some Halloween accidents that you can look back on and laugh about? Share with us in the comments below. Trust us – we don’t judge!

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  1. I love celebrating fall rather than specifically Halloween. I am really not into evil or inviting it into my home. I loved this article. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. You bring up some great points. I have seen some decor that really upset some people. We live in the woods and not really close to anyone so I don’t bother.

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