Therapist Needed for Woman with Mouse Issues

If you happen to see this headline on your 6 o’clock news tonight – its just me.  I am about ready to lose my mind with my Logitech cordless mouse.  About a month ago it started acting all crazy, deleting more than one email, opening stuff instead of moving it – it’s been driving me absolutely crazy.  I don’t think I can handle much more of this.

I’ve checked all the online forums I could find – kind of hard to find any results though when you do a search for “possessed mouse” on the internet although there are plenty of viable options – just none of them worked or were the issue for me!

If anyone has any suggestions – I am in desperate need of assistance.  I am going through and doing a complete hard drive clean up – hopefully there is just some wonky file out there messing with my head and cackling with glee while I pull my hair out.

You know things are bad when your eldest son says, “It’s okay, Mom. We can take you to a therapist if you need one,” after you just finish screaming like a crazy woman at an inanimate object that just deleted a bunch of files it was supposed to move and not delete.


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  1. Okay…don't panic!First – Did you put in new batteries?Second – Have you cleaned it?I have a tracball and it needs to be cleaned regularly.  I can't remember about regular mice.

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