There Comes a Day in Every Mom’s Life When…

You realize your baby isn’t your baby any longer. There are steps along the way to prepare you, sure. Their first step, their first word, their first day at school and, last of all, learning to ride their bike without training wheels.

Today my baby boy took that last and final step from baby to little man. And it breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. He isn’t all mine anymore. He is an independent little person who doesn’t need my help with little things like that.

Sure he’ll stumble and fall now and then, but it will never be the same again. So you learn to hold your breath and watch in awe as he zooms by with a grin a mile wide on his face, a look of sheer joy emanating from his eyes as he flies by you. All you can do is smile and wave and hold the tears in.

God forbid you embarrass him by actually crying for Pete’s sake. Sheesh.

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