These Top Resources Will Help You with Family Finances

Managing money is something that everyone needs to have skills in. Not everyone has to be an expert, but you need to be knowledgeable. If you have a family, it’s even more important that you manage your money appropriately. Your skilled money management helps to keep your family afloat, even in harder times. Many people feel unsure about how to manage their money, though. They reach adulthood and haven’t learned the necessary skills from school or at home. Even if you have some knowledge, you can always improve. If you don’t know where to look for advice, you have an excellent choice of resources.


Personal Finance Books

The internet might be the first place you turn for financial advice. However, you can learn a lot by choosing something slightly more old-fashioned. There are hundreds of excellent books that can teach you the skills you need. If you don’t like paper books, get ebooks on your Kindle or other reader instead. You can find classic personal finance books that have become go-to choices. Or you can look for more up to date ones, perhaps tailored to your situation. You can get books specifically for family finances too. For example, there’s The Smart and Easy Guide to Personal Finance and Family Budgeting.



If you would prefer to look online, there are thousands of blogs you can find useful. The excellent thing about using blogs is that you can read a range of opinions. You get personal experiences from real people and tips that have been tried and tested. Sites like The Fortunate Investor can teach you everything from budgeting to investing. You can choose blogs based on how much you want to know. Some will provide in-depth news articles about family finances. Others will give you more straightforward tips on day-to-day money management.

Banks, Charities, and Other Organizations

As well as reading blogs from various experts and ordinary people, there are some great official resources. For example, you can look at government-provided information that will help you manage your money. You can also find articles on websites for banks, charities or even utility providers. There are several charities that help people to manage debt and other financial issues. You can also discover some excellent tools from these websites. For example, some have budget calculators, which can be very useful. Others can help you look at figures like mortgage payments or loans.


Financial Advisors

Sometimes, seeing a financial advisor is the best way to get your family’s finances organized. It can be especially useful if you find yourself earning more money than you’re used to. A financial advisor will help you get your family comfortable for now and get you planning for the future. They can help you with budgeting or if you’re planning to start making some investments. A financial advisor could also give you advice about your savings and retirement.

You have an excellent choice of resources to help you manage your family’s money. If you don’t know where to begin, pick up a book or start online.

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Brigid OHara Koshko

Great advice! I am always looking for ways to save money and add more to our retirement accounts. I will be checking out all this information.

molli taylor

thesea re great, we are finally in a position where we have some finances to manage lol

Geri Sandoval

Great post, everybody knows someone who can use these resources.

Lauryn R

This is a great list of resources, thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 I am personally a huge fan of looking to blogs for advice.