Things at Home to Take Care of Prior to Travel Abroad

You’ve booked a flight for yourself and your family for an extended vacation abroad. Now all that’s left is to create a checklist of things to take care of at home prior to your departure. 

Make Sure Insurance Coverage is Sufficient 

Just like people have malpractice insurance to protect them from losing their home and business, homeowners’ insurance can do the same thing. Make sure that you have a full coverage policy in place to protect you from the unknown and allow you to have peace of mind. 

 Stop Mail Deliveries 

Nothing provides a clearer sign that you’re away from home than mail piled up on the porch. Make it a point to go to your local post office and ask them to hold your mail. 

Make it Appear that Someone is Home 

Timers on lights can create the appearance that someone’s home. Choose random settings so that they don’t go on at the same time each day 

Lower Your Heat/Raise the AC 

Depending on the time of year, lowering the heat or raising the air conditioning can help you save a lot of money while you’re away. If you don’t have a digital thermostat, now is the perfect time to acquire one. 

Let Your Neighbors Know 

In a close-knit neighborhood, it’s the neighbors who often thwart off various crimes. By letting your neighbors know that you will be away, they will keep an extra eye out on your property. 

Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning 

The last thing you want when you return from a long vacation is to enter your home and feel overwhelmed by the mess. By putting in the effort prior to your trip, you can return home and simply relax. 

House Sitters 

A growing trend among millennials is to have someone stay at their home while they are away. House sitters are in high demand. However, it’s important to make sure that you check their credentials and do a thorough background check. 

Turn off the Water 

Anything can happen when you’re away. And, unfortunately, if you’re not around when a pipe burst occurs, you may come home to a severely damaged home. Make sure that you add “turn off main water source” to your home checklist. 

Unplug Electronics 

It only takes a split second for an electrical fire to occur due to a surge in the power. Make the smart choice and unplug all of your appliances and electronics prior to vacating your home.   

Pay Your Bills 

Doubling up on your payments, especially if your extended vacation is for more than a month, will prevent services such as cable, gas, water, and electricity from getting disconnected. With regard to your mortgage, loans, and credit cards, doubling up is also wise to prevent additional late fees and a hit on your credit report. 

The Week Before 

The week prior to your vacation gives ample time to get things like medications filled, additional articles of clothing, and necessary supplies. You should already have your passports and shots if required. Now is also the time to change over your money to the currency of the country you’re visiting. 

The Day Before 

Check your suitcases to make sure that everything on your list is inside. While you can acquire soaps and shampoos, having to spend money on items you already have will cut into your spending money. You should also throw away any perishables in the fridge and discard the trash. 

Enjoy Your Vacation 

You’ve planned your trip abroad for many years and now it’s coming to life. With all bases covered at home, you can go on your vacation and simply relax and keep the focus on having fun.

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