Things to Consider in Planning a Memorable Bachelorette (Hen) Party

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Here in the United States, we call them Bachelorette Parties. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, however, they are called Hen Parties and a Bachelor Party is called a Stag Night. I kinda like the whole hen/stag theme!

Planning a hen party could be quite challenging – especially if you have no experience in planning a big occasion before. Consider the following step-by-step guide to organizing the best hen party to ensure that you learn the timeline for hosting the hen and ways to make it go without getting a hitch.

Usually, the process of planning is the maid of honor’s duty, but don’t hesitate to hand over to the other bridesmaids. Some brides-to-be even prefer to plan her hen party – hey, it’s her happiness!

6 Steps to Organizing the Best Bachelorette Party

Step 1. Talk with the bride to be

If your best friend has asked you to plan her hen party, then the first thing you need to do is discuss what her expectations are. While you may want to throw a few surprises in there for her, it’s essential to have at least a rough idea of what the bride-to-be is expecting. Check out the following questions to ask her so you can plan the best party for your friend!

Do you want to travel to another country?

Many brides love the concept of a hen party in a place that is warm and sunny, while others would prefer something local. Remember, what your bride wants is of the utmost importance – it is her party after all – but you can still find ways to surprise her!

What type of budget are we working with?

You may ask the other bridesmaids to chip in if the bride is on a budget, but ask first so you have a rough idea of what type of budget you have to work with before making extravagant plans that cannot be afforded.

Is there a particular place you wish to go to?

Does the bride-to-be have a favorite city she wants to visit? Perhaps there’s a place she would like to go that she’s never been to before. If she does want to get out of town, the next question is vitally important.

How many days or nights do you want to go away for?

You may end up tied-down by the budget, but always look for what the bride-to-be wants. She may want to just go away for a night, or she may want a girls weekend. Either way, knowing what she wants will help you manage to plan the best event within the budget.

What is most essential to you?

Recognize what precisely means the most for the bride-to-be – is it an excellent location or accommodations? Something budget-friendly so everybody can attend? An activity that the bride-to-be has never done before? Or perhaps a pampering day spa to loosen up those wedding planning pressures? You need to find out what means the most to her!

Step 2. Make a List of Guests

Work together with the bride-to-be to create a guest list. There is nothing worse than inviting someone the bride doesn’t want there to put a damper on the festivities! It will give you an idea of the size of the party you are planning and with the bride’s contribution, you make sure that nobody is overlooked!

The thing to remember is that the bride should know where everyone is from. If they are work friends or old school chums, they may not have previously met – so a stellar hen party will start with a great ice breaker so that everyone gets to know everyone else!

Step 3. Think of Probable Dates

It would not do well to plan a hen party on a day when the bride-to-be cannot be there! So get a few date choices from her, and then confirm with the guest list to find one that everyone will be able to make. Once you’ve organized the final date and time, then it’s set! Have your bride-to-be and guests post it to their schedules ASAP!

Step 4. Pick a Destination and Get Accommodations

If you are traveling outside the local area for your hen party, options are limitless. Keep into consideration the people who are attending the hen party, especially those with kids, or if anyone is expecting a baby or those that may have to work during the weekend. It’s great to visit other places, but if it means that essential people that are important to the bride cannot attend, you want to avoid that at all costs.

Step 5. Establish A Spending Budget

Budget is the most essential thing to settle on and must be worked out before preparing any activities or looking into destinations. Anything that takes place needs to be kept within the budget. The majority of one-night hen parties can cost a fair amount of money. However, savvy shoppers can find significant discounts for staying two nights, or adding three people to a room, doing DIY projects, etc. The more attendees that you have can mean far better discounts as well!

Step 6. Begin Looking Into Activities

Keep the audience in mind when you are determining the things to do. The selection of activities is huge – from art, dancing, beauty treatments – to high excitement experiences. Take a look at some unique and modern hen party activities on top bridal websites, which will help you plan a fabulous hen party and have all your friends clamoring to have you plan theirs as well!

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