Thinking Of Putting Your Property On Airbnb? Here Are Some Things To Think About

Finding accommodation used to be pretty limited in the days before the world went digital. Staying in a hotel was the norm, and even then, it was hard to find something in your price range! Flash forward several years, and we’ve now got a lot of options available to us, including people’s homes!

That’s right, Airbnb is now a popular choice for people looking for affordable self-catering accommodation. And while it’s good for travellers, it’s fantastic for homeowners too! But with so many properties on Airbnb, yours needs to have a little edge if it’s going to stand out amongst the millions of listings that are out there. So what does it take to advertise a great Airbnb property? Here are some things to think about.

Keep your decor simple

It’s very rare to find two Airbnb properties that look the same – that’s why it’s such a special platform! Airbnbs range from the contemporary to the quirky, giving people plenty of choice.  But if you want a property that appeals to the masses, you should aim for simple decor and clean, organized spaces. They make for great photos, and are less maintenance for both guests and property owners.

Make sure you’ve got the facilities people need (and want!)

Airbnb allows users to filter properties according to their features. It’s important that your property ticks a lot of boxes for people, from fully-equipped kitchens to barbecues and outdoor seating. One thing that needs to be in full working order is your HVAC unit. A working heating/cooling system is a must, or you’ll be sure to receive some negative reviews of your place. Enlist HVAC services to keep your air conditioning and heaters in working order so that you can keep your guests happy. Remember that it should feel like home to your visitors!

Add some extra special touches

Some of the things that make Airbnb properties stand out are those extra special touches that can transform a stay from ordinary to extraordinary. Think of adding some additions like a hot tub or pool to add a more luxurious touch for your guests. These types of upgrades can also add some value to your property, making them a worthwhile investment for you, while giving your guests a better experience.

Make it flexible 

Flexibility is important with Airbnb properties. You should have spaces that are suitable for relaxing and dining, allowing guests to use them for whatever they need. Good WiFi is a must too for guests to be able to work and stream as needed. Most importantly, consider the bed situation. Is there a way you can make beds more flexible? For example, twins that can convert into a double, or the addition of sofa beds? Being able to maximize the number of guests could help make a property more appealing for guests, provided you’re comfortable with the maximum number of people using your space.

Listing your property on Airbnb is a great way to make some extra money, as well as provide an investment for your future. With some simple considerations, you can make sure your Airbnb stands out, ready to welcome guests for a memorable stay!

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