Thinking Outside the Restaurant – 4 Exciting Date Night Ideas

thinking outside the restaurant

It’s date night again.

What’s on the menu? A movie? Dinner? Boring. You’ve done those all before. Even the local arcade seems a little lame tonight. here are 4 exciting ideas you haven’t tried.

Playing Cards

No, not the usual card games. You should be playing card games for adults, like Dirty Minds or Utter Nonsense or FunEmployed or Keep Calm. All of these games are pretty much R-rated, or at least PG-13. So, it’s definitely going to be “different.”

If you’re too conservative, you might find these kinds of games on the offensive side.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating. It’s not something you see most people doing on a Friday night, but there’s a reason why you do see it in almost every Rom-Com. It’s because ice skating is romantic, you fool. Get your skates out and dust them off. Or, if you don’t have skates, all the better to go to a local rink and rent them for an hour or two.

Dress warmly, because even if you think it’s not that cold outside, it’s always cold at an ice rink. Most rinks will rent skates, and you can also buy things like hot chocolate , pretzels, and other snacks from the local vendor. And, most places have a “hot box” where you can escape the cold and warm up a bit if you get too cold.

A Stay-At-Home Radio Show Party

Cook a romantic meal at home. Get a good Internet connection going.

Now, turn down the lights, open a bottle of wine, sit in front of the fire, and maybe light a few candles throughout the house.

Bring up and start kicking it to classic radio shows. There are hundreds of vintage radio programs available on that site for free.

Like sci-fi? Like murder mysteries? Want to get an idea of what your grandparents listened to when they were kids? This is where you can make it happen. And, honestly, have you ever been on a date like this before? Probably not. Major points for originality.

Go Canoeing

This can be a lot of fun if you live near a state park. Take your other half out to the park, pay a few bucks, and rent a rowboat or a canoe and some paddles. A state park will usually rent these things very cheaply by the hour. So, you might only spend between $5 and $15 for an hour or more or rowing.

And, that’s plenty. You don’t need to get a workout. You just need to have fun. And, out there on the water, it’s going to be peaceful and relaxing. That can be fun when your past few dates have been spent in a dark theater.


You don’t need a lot of money to have an epic date night. Really, you just need to get creative. And, if things are getting boring, changing it up a bit will help keep the excitement alive in your relationship. So, don’t be afraid to try something new. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself.

Lucy Jarvis is a student who is studying to become a teacher. Currently single, and with slightly too much time on her hands, she has taken to blogging to fill the time. She writes on a range of topics from dating to dinner parties.

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