This Maid’s On Strike, Too!

Mom Is On Strike

Mrs. Schmitty posted that she was on strike and you know what?  I am too, damn it!  I am so sick and tired of repeating myself friggin 30 times a night to the brainless wonders to:

  • Pick up your toys
  • Put your school things away
  • Put your shoes away
  • Clean up your bedroom
  • Put your coats away
  • Put your backpacks in your room

I snapped tonight.  I’ve just had enough.  I’ve been telling the two of them for the past four god-forsaken hours to do all of the above.  What did I get?


You do NOT ignore Mom when she’s in “one of those moods.”

I’m in – “one of those moods.”

To be “nice” I gave them each 10 minutes to do the aforementioned.  I even set the alarm clock for the timer to go off.  They spent all of 3 minutes doing what I told them to do and then they continued their rough-housing and screwing off and completely ignored me.

Bitch Ass Pissed Off Mommy Mode kicked in when that timer went off and there was still mounds of shit left in Jonathan’s room.

He lost his backpack, his sneakers, his plastic sword, his PDA Game Address Book electronic thingy, a PS2 game, his art supplies kit, three new matchbox cars that he got for Christmas, two shirts, three pairs of underwear, a bunch of paper, his Star Wars Lego collection he got for Christmas as well, and a few other miscellaneous things, including his guitar.  I even showed him everything I was throwing away and you know what he said?  Do you KNOW what he said to me?


So?  SO?  Okay Mr. Smart Ass, see how you get to school tomorrow with your one and only pair of sneakers in the dumpster.  (I didn’t REALLY put them in the dumpster…I hid them under my bed.  I’m not a TOTAL heartless bitch).  So I sent him to bed with no TV and without his nightlight.  It was on the floor, so it went in the trash.

He’s afraid of the dark.  Yeah, I’m being a bitch.

I’ll be very curious to see what he does tomorrow when the sneakers don’t reappear overnight and he realizes that Mom wasn’t playing and he has to go to school with no shoes

That should teach the little smart ass not to play with ME.

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