This Will Really Make Your Blog Steam Out Of The Crisis

Economists are now saying that due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has caused a worldwide lockdown, never seen before, we’re not in a recession worse than 2007. That is a shocking yet unbelievably underreported fact. These same economists are turning towards industry experts to give them details on how every business of every kind can get out of this crisis. As a professional blogger, you too will be wondering what on earth you can do to retain and increase your readership. The verdict is slowly being released and here are the top 5 things you can do.

Remember, Content is King

Writing fascinating and original content is always going to pull you through any kind of downturn. People love to read things that educate them about little-known subjects. Consumers love to read content that tells them more about a product than a product description by the brand itself, would otherwise tell them. Invest in SEO marketing which can help bring your content to a wider audience. Credible, detailed, and trusted content is what 2020 is going to focus on. Google wants to uplift content that has many inbound links from news sources. So you should be writing ‘exclusive’ content wherever possible. 

Utilize Different Media

Google has been promoting content that has an array of media and not just writing. Although the majority of people will want to read alluring content that is quirky, funny, and fact-based, they will also want to hear your opinion. That means, getting in front of the camera to do a video review that supports your written content. That being said, you mustn’t overlap your media. So have something for everyone. Shorten the blog post in your video, by providing the gist of the review or post. Include infographics for those that want incorporated images alongside short and sweet descriptions. You should also be willing to create a podcast. This could be for a wrapping up of the week, briefly going over all your posts and finishing off by giving hints as to what the following week holds for your readers.

Expanding Your Affiliate Reviews/Links

Every wholesaler will be worried about losing customers to smaller competitors. Amazon especially is someone who you should seek to make closer ties with, right now. The brand is currently set to spend $800 million to retain staff and increase it’s affiliate marketing partners. To handle the potential increase in customers that you would be receiving from additional links, a cheap VPS plan is recommended. Sharing a server is an old hat, instead, you can have your own portion of a physical server for just 7 euros a month. With that you get 2 CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, and an impressive 7TB of bandwidth. You can also select your OS platform such as Ubuntu, Windows, Debian, etc. You can always increase your plan if you feel you need higher performance to cope with visitors and the integration of new web apps. 

Great content mixed with brilliant SEO techniques is always top trumps when it comes to making your blog thrive. But, also, start utilizing different types of media to give readers choices for how to consume your content. 

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