Three Steps to an Aspirational Lifestyle on a Realistic Budget

As images grow in importance in the global culture, many of us are bending under the pressure to create a life that resembles the enviable lifestyles we see on social media. From designer handbags to expensive beauty treatments, attaining the “Insta-worthy lifestyle” is starting to seem more like an obligation than a fantasy.

So how do you get some of the things you want while still recognizing the importance of being money savvy? Surely the only answer is to throw yourself into your career, leaving no time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Well, not quite. Creating a lifestyle you want doesn’t mean that you have to devote every waking moment of your life to work. Here are some top tips to get you on track to your dream life. (Hint: you may be closer than you think…)

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Cultivate a Millionaire Mind-set

In many ways, being rich is a state of mind. When you’re short on cash, it’s natural to believe that the life you want is out of reach. But consider flipping the problem on its head. Maybe the issue is not your circumstances but how you view them.

Next time you catch yourself feeling dissatisfied about all the things you don’t have yet, try reminding yourself about all the things that you do have. Going through a list of things that you are grateful for lets you recognize the riches you already have. Even if there are things you still want, you’ll be starting from a place of abundance, rather than inferiority.

Create a (Short) Wish List

The next step towards an enviable yet attainable lifestyle is deciding what lifestyle enhancements will make a real impact on your happiness. Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect wide width boots or a stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel, knowing what you want will help you focus your day-to-day saving efforts. Next time you’re tempted to spend money on something, ask yourself two questions. First, is it essential? Second, is on my wish list? If the answer is no to both, then put away that credit card!

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Scrutinize Day-to-Day Spending

The key to funding an aspirational lifestyle on a realistic budget is cutting unnecessary daily spending, allowing you to splurge occasionally on a little bit of luxury when it really counts. Think about your day-to-day budget. Is there something (or perhaps there are several things) that you buy every day but hardly notice the benefit of? Your morning coffee, for example. Is that café-grade coffee really improving your day? Likewise, if you’re driving to work and paying for parking, is this convenience worth it when you could take the bus and save money on your daily commute?

Taken on their own, these daily luxuries may not seem to cost much, and you might be reluctant to part with them. But once your habits change, you probably won’t miss them. What’s more, your savings will very quickly add up. (Hello, Thailand!)

Whether you’re dreaming of infinity pools or fine silk pajamas, these tips will help you turn the life you have into the life you want.

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  1. These are great tips and very realistic goals. My problem is I like online shopping too much.

  2. I remember the 80’s, watching Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Now, I think the equivalent might be following ‘influencers’ on Instagram, lol.

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