Throwing the Perfect Dinner Party

Throwing the Perfect Dinner Party

Dinner parties are making a huge comeback. There was a time they were seen as being very 1980’s and uncool, but, everything comes back around. Now, many of us are working long hours, or struggling for cash, and nights out aren’t always as frequent as they used to be. Dinner parties offer the perfect solution. If you’ve got kids, you can still have your friends over for dinner, you can save a fortune not going out, and it gives you a great chance to show off your culinary skills.

But, it’s important that you find a way to stand out and keep things interesting so that your parties don’t look dated and dull.

Table Arrangement

One mistake many hosts make is not appreciating the importance of the table arrangements. They see it as a place to eat and not much else. But, an impressive centerpiece can be a great talking point, which breaks the ice and gets everyone chatting. Before planning your table, think about your menu. If you’re going to have lots of serving bowls, plates and condiments, you don’t want a huge centerpiece or anything too fussy. Keep things simple and stylish.

You should also make sure you guests have got everything they could possibly need at the table, so that they don’t have to ask for anything.

Food and Drink

Food and drink is perhaps the most important part of any dinner party. While it can be tempting to go for an old favorite, if your guests are frequent visitors to your home, they’ve probably had it before. Another mistake people make is the opposite. They try something brand new, that’s over complicated and hard to make.

You want to aim for somewhere in the middle. If you want to try something new, practice on your family beforehand to make sure the recipe works, and to check times. If you can’t cook at all, you could always buy a precooked meal and pass it off as your own!

Drinks are also important. Wine and water are a must, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some fun to the evening. Serve shots in himalayan salt shot glasses or have a go at making some exciting cocktails that will relax your guests.


Entertainment is something that can very easily go wrong. Anything too over the top can seem cheesy and uncool. Keep things simple with some games or music. Just enough to lighten the mood and get everyone laughing. If they are close friends, this shouldn’t be difficult.

An Attentive Host

The key ingredient of any dinner party is the host. That’s why it’s so important to have a food practice run and check your timings. No one wants a host that’s constantly in the kitchen, busy with the food. Remember, they’ve come to see you more than anything else.

Do as much prep as you can before your guests arrive. You could even cook some elements of your menu beforehand, so you just need to reheat later. Keep calm, don’t rush, and remember to enjoy yourself.

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