Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Ideal For Moms With Hectic Lives

Until you become a mother, you have no idea how hectic life can be. When you have little ones to think about, you end up with limited ‘me time’, which means that keeping up with your beauty regime can sometimes be a struggle.

That being said, if you are smart about the approach that you take to your beauty regime and find little ways to speed up the process of glamming yourself up, you can make it much easier to look your best at all times, regardless of whether you have five minutes to get ready or 50 minutes.

For all of the most useful time-saving beauty hacks, read on – you are about to be wowed!

Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Ideal For Moms With Hectic Lives

Swap to Gel Nail Polish

If you are a beauty addict, then the chances are that you don’t like to leave the house without having your nails painted. The only issue is that nail painting is such a long winded process – it can take what seems like forever for your polish to try. Because of this, most of the time you end up getting up and doing something before your polish is dry and smudging it. So how about using gel polish instead? While you could go to the salon to get your nails done, why not invest in an at-home gel nail machine, so that you can do your nails as and when you want/need to. The gel polish dries more quickly and lasts longer, making this kind of polish a much better option for anyone with a hectic lifestyle.

Use Hair Extensions

Styling long hair every day can be a real drag, especially when time is of the essence. So instead of stressing about doing your hair each day, have it cut into a shorter and more manageable style and then use hair extensions when you have the time to style it. While you can choose to get permanent hair extensions at a salon, a simpler and more affordable option is tape in hair extensions that you can do yourself at home. They give you all of the glamour of longer hair without any of the fuss, plus if you invest in the right ones, they can look just like real hair. Just make sure to opt for human hair extensions, not synthetic ones. Synthetic extensions might be cheaper than natural ones, but they look a lot less realistic, whereas human hair extensions can look just like your natural hair.

Get Your Makeup Tattooed

Have you heard of makeup tattooing? For anyone with a lack of time but who doesn’t like to be without their makeup, getting their makeup tattooed on could be the answer. Not keen on having the same style of makeup forever? How about opting for semi-permanent makeup instead then? That way you will have your makeup perfectly in place for the next few years, but can change your look once your semi-permanent makeup starts to wear off.

There you have it, three time-saving beauty hacks that are ideal for moms with hectic lives who have no time to focus on beauty but still want to look and feel their best – like me!

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