Tips For Keeping Fit and In Shape During Winter

The wintertime can be chilly and snowy but also beautiful. You might have the urge to want to hibernate and not move much since the days are shorter and the temperatures are cooler.

However, just because it’s winter and the holidays doesn’t mean you should let yourself or your fitness routine go. Trust me, I did that during the coronavirus pandemic and I’m kicking myself for it now over a year later. You’ll feel and look better when you find ways to keep fit and in shape during winter. This way you’ll be all set and love the way you look when springtime arrives and it’s time to peel back some of the extra layers of clothing.

Set Goals

It’ll be useful to set goals for what you want to achieve to stay fit and healthy during winter. It may require that you tweak your schedule or activities a bit based on the weather and your mood. Wake up each day and remind yourself of your goals and what you want to accomplish physically throughout the week. It may also help to step on the scale every so often and monitor your progress so you can see what’s working and modify your goals if you need to adjust your approach.

Take Your Dog for Walks Outside

Dogs need exercise too and you can be a responsible pet owner by getting outside with your furry friend. Keep fit and in shape during winter by taking your dog out for walks and looking at the beautiful Christmas and holiday lights. Head out on new trails or go around your neighborhood and local area if it’s dark out so you feel safe. Keep your dog on a leash at all times since you never know when or if you’ll run into other dogs outside. In the case that you do and you’re a victim of a dog bit, then consider seeking legal help and guidance to better navigate your situation.

Bring Fitness Indoors  

Keep fit and in shape during winter by bringing fitness indoors. One reason you may be moving less is that you feel cold and don’t want to slip on the ice or snow. Therefore, set up a home gym by buying some equipment you can put out and use as you please. There are also many videos and workouts you can stream on your phone or computer if you prefer to take classes instead, especially programs such as Silver&Fit. If you don’t have the right type of equipment to set up an entire home gym then try doing yoga or sit-ups and pushups.

Watch What You Eat

It’s not just about being physical that will help you stay in shape. It’s also about what you eat and the foods you choose to put in your body, especially during the festive season. Winter and the holidays are often a time when you may let your guard down and end up consuming more calories and sugar than you intended. There are many keto-friendly recipes that provide such flavor you’ll never know it’s not the sugar-loaded version.

It might help to keep a food journal and write down all that you’re eating so that you can better track your foods and portion sizes. You’ll have more energy and your clothes will fit better when you combine eating a healthy diet with some daily exercise this winter. 

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  1. I was a fitness instructor for 12 years, and have been working out everyday at home now since the pandemic. It is so important to me for many health reasons. I also eat really healthy, but I’ve been enjoying some holiday treats lately.

  2. Limiting my calorie intake after Thanksgiving and before Christmas-ish so that I can go a bit over board at Christmas. Just a bit. And right in between these two holidays is my birthday. Lol. Thanks for the tips.

    • Oh gosh I know the feeling! I’ve put back on all the weight I lost last year (or was it the year before?) I don’t even remember. I need to get back on my modified keto-friendly diet … which means cutting out sugar, breads, potatoes, etc. I can eat the heck out of bacon and other protein-rich foods though – and CHEESE! LOL!

      Happy Birthday to you Deb!

  3. The winter months can be a challenging time to stick to an exercise plan. The weather is colder, the daylight hours are shorter, and other priorities can make it hard to establish a routine. But I’ll do my best. Thanks for sharing Kim 🙂

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