Tips for Transforming Your Garden Into a Beautiful Outdoor Space

A garden can be another wonderful room and allow you to elevate your quality of life. So, how do you transform the mediocre into something fabulous – take a look below.

Understand The Benefits Of Grass

A lush, green lawn takes a lot of work and can be expensive to care. Especially if you choose to hire a professional lawn service to handle the job. In Birmingham, for example, the average lawn mowing price is over $46 (that’s almost $200 per month!). However, all of the time, effort, and money that you put into your lawn are worthwhile when you consider the benefits that grass has to offer. You can’t achieve the same level of comfort sitting on hard concrete or pavers as you can when relaxing on the grass. It also provides a soft, safe surface for children to run and play. No matter how much you walk on a lawn, it generally will spring back – something that can’t always be said for other types of ground cover. If you want to cut down on lawn maintenance, you can add pavers and ground cover plants in out-of-the-way areas. Don’t hesitate, however, to use grass generously in your overall garden design.

Design Your Outdoor Space With Comfort In Mind

A well-designed garden is about more than just aesthetics. The plants that you choose can also help make the space more comfortable and enjoyable. For instance, large evergreen trees can provide shade on hot summer days and can help shield your property from the wind.

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If you need privacy, you can plant tall grass or large plants to shield your garden from prying eyes. Even if you don’t have a large garden, there are plenty of ornamental trees and shrubs that can work in your space.

Plan Ahead

Even if you aren’t currently planning on installing lighting or irrigation in your garden, you may want to set up the necessary framework in advance. It is much easier to place conduit or pipes underground when you are first creating your landscaping than it is to wait until all of your plants are already established. That way, you can easily add lighting irrigation or fountains like these at at a later date without having to tear up your yard.

Consider The Needs Of Others

If you have close neighbors, you need to take their needs into account. Even something as simple as planting a tree in the wrong place can lead to bitterness if it obscures the view from your neighbor’s house. By talking to the people who live in your immediate vicinity before undertaking any major landscaping projects, you can help avoid conflicts, keeping everyone in your neighborhood happy.

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Use Caution When Digging

Underground utilities can pose a real problem if you are digging down into the ground. At best, if you hit a water pipe, it can result in the need for costly repairs. At worst, if you hit electrical lines or gas lines, you could wind up being seriously injured or killed. Contact your city before you dig so that they can come out to your property and locate the underground utilities for you. They can mark their location on the ground using special paint so that you know which areas are off-limits for digging.

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  1. Such great tips!! I really cannot wait to have a backyard and be able to make it comfy and gorgeous!! Apartment living can really stink sometimes!

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