Tips to Installing a New Dirt Bike Exhaust

If you live anywhere that has dirt, chances are pretty likely that you’ve got dirt bike enthusiasts tearing up the tracks! It’s a huge sport with the kids who live in the counties here in Richmond and where I grew up in Pennsylvania.

With that being said, if you own a dirt bike, there might come a time when the exhaust needs to be replaced. Or perhaps you might opt to install a new bike exhaust to replace a damaged one or enhance your dirt bike’s performance and appearance. Regardless of the reason, the one question you must be asking yourself is how you should go about doing this. Fortunately, experts from Tokyo Mods have got your back. In addition, the process of installing a new exhaust isn’t that complicated, so you shouldn’t experience that much trouble. So without further ado, here are helpful tips on how to install a new dirt bike exhaust. 

Ensure You Read The Instructions 

Although installing a new exhaust on your bike isn’t complicated, it’s still advisable to first familiarize yourself with the instructions. It’s best to always do this as each manufacturer has a unique set of instructions you must always follow to ensure the correct installation of the bike exhaust. 

If you’re installing an aftermarket exhaust, ensure to read its special installation as well as your dirt bike’s manual to ensure you clearly understand everything well. Doing this is necessary because the installation process of an aftermarket bike exhaust differs from the one produced by the bike’s manufacturer. 

Pick The Right Fit 

Before you even start installing a new dirt bike exhaust, you must first test it to see that it’s a perfect fit. You should also test to see that the exhaust fits perfectly well across other areas of your dirt bike. A helpful tip to consider when determining the ideal position for your exhaust is to place it around your dirt bike’s clutch. You also should ensure that the exhaust doesn’t block essential components such as the oil pan. 

But as you contemplate the right position for your exhaust, don’t forget to factor in its comfort. This means the exhaust shouldn’t be too close to you as this might cause serious injury while enjoying your ride.    

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Make Sure To Inspect For Leaks 

Once you’re through with installing the new exhaust for your dirt bike, don’t get overly excited just yet and go for a ride. Instead, you want to ensure that everything is working correctly. This starts with inspecting for even the slightest leak around the upper part of the headers and the slip-on’s base. In addition, you shouldn’t see any fumes otherwise, this will be a clear sign that everything isn’t okay. You should remain cautious when inspecting for leaks to avoid getting burned and getting a permanent scar. 

Always Double-Check Your Work 

It’s also advisable to check everything from the back to the front of the exhaust pipe to ensure that all the bolts are in place and fastened properly. Ideally, you should start from your dirt bike’s rear side as you head towards the front section. You also need to confirm that the whole exhaust is positioned correctly and in a straight line before tightening the bolts. Only once you’re done confirming this should you proceed to ride your dirt bike. 

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