Tips to Prevent Water Leaks Through Custom Shower Enclosures

Bathrooms have evolved over the years, and new fixture styles are emerging. A shower enclosure is a perfect example of new bathroom styles. A shower enclosure is an area surrounded by glass and with a glass door that houses the shower.

Modern shower enclosures can be built to accommodate more than one person, multiple body sprays and showerheads. 

How to Choose Right Custom Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Available Bathroom Space

how much available bathroom space do you have

The space available in the bathroom is perhaps the most vital factor that affects the right custom shower enclosure that you choose. When you have lots of available bathroom space, making a choice will not be a problem, but where space is scarce, it would impact all other decisions in choosing the right custom shower enclosure for you. 

As part of space considerations, a hinged shower enclosure door that opens outward is advisable when space is not a problem. In the absence of ample space, a shower door that opens inward would be best for your shower enclosure. If you are confused about choosing the right shower door according to space, you can visit here:

Position of the Shower Enclosure

where to position your shower enclosure

The location of the shower is another factor to consider when choosing the right shower enclosure. 

  • Will the shower enclosure be in the bathroom alcove? 
  • Will it be in one of the bathroom corners?
  • Will it be positioned in the center of the bathroom?

The answers to the above will determine the choice of shower enclosure door type if the doors will be opening to the right or left, and convenience will be considered.

Preferred Style

There are several options when it comes to the styles of shower enclosures. To choose the one that is right for you, you need to know the options that are available to you.

Shower Enclosure Shape

what is the shape of your shower enclosure
  • Quadrant custom shower enclosure: This is best suited for bathroom corners and the right choice for bathrooms with small space. It has a shower screen that is curved and has a cubical shape. 
  • Square custom shower enclosure: When space is not a problem, a square shower enclosure is a great way to make your bathroom look stylish. It offers you more options when choosing frames and doors for your shower enclosure. 
  • Rectangle custom shower enclosure: Do you love to wade in space when having your bath? Then Rectangle shower enclosures are best for you. It offers you lots of freedom in the bathroom and is best suited in bathrooms that do not have limited space.

Shower Enclosure Frame Types

what type of frame does your shower enclosure have
  • Frameless custom shower enclosure: These are used to evoke a modern look in trendy bathrooms. They sport a glass finish with curved lines and do not have any glass frames. The glass evokes a minimalist feel and is easy to maintain and clean. The absence of frames also gives the bathroom a bright look.
  • Framed custom shower enclosure: These are conservative and inexpensive. They may not be as visually appealing as frameless custom shower enclosures, and they are very functional.

Shower Enclosure Door Types

what type of doors does your shower enclosure have
  • Hinged shower enclosure doors: Hinged shower enclosure doors swing into the bathroom in an outward motion. It is suited for a bathroom with lots of space and is a stylish option.
  • Sliding shower enclosure doors: If there is limited space in the bathroom, a sliding door is a perfect choice. Sliding doors give the bathroom a modern look and are convenient.
  • Bi-fold shower enclosure doors: Bi-fold shower doors offer an option between choosing a hinged and sliding door option. They are perfect in a limited space bathroom but do not restrict you to sliding doors only. Bi-fold shower enclosure doors are stylish and will fit into any shower enclosure style.

Custom Shower Enclosure or Glass Shower Door: Which One Is Best in Preventing Water Leaks?

glass shower door or an enclosure?

Custom glass shower enclosures usually come with a tray, or you add a tray by yourself to the enclosure. The fit between the tray and the enclosure helps to prevent water leaks compared to shower doors.

Shower doors can leak water as a result of the following – ineffective caulking or caulk that is worn out from use; shower door sweep that was not installed correctly; or a broken door seal or door seals that were not correctly installed.

Shower doors compared to glass enclosures are prone to leaking. A glass enclosure because of its custom set up and a fit tray prevents water leaks.

How to Prevent Water Leaks in a Custom Shower Enclosure?

prevent leaks around enclosure doors

Water leaks from the shower door can be prevented in the following ways.

  • The use of Vinyl: Vinyl use glued together by a double-stick tape is one way to prevent water leaks and make glass shower enclosure doors water-leak proof. Vinyl is available in different shapes and sizes, which provides you the opportunity to choose from a large selection of options.
  • Use bottom sweeps to align your glass shower enclosure door when going in and out of the closure and also use it to prevent water leaks at the same time.
  • To ensure a narrow space between the inline and the glass shower enclosure door, use a bulb seal to close the gap. This will prevent water from escaping through the tight space, 

So there you have it! I hope you have found all of this information extremely helpful when you consider renovating your shower!

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