Tips To Pursue A New Career Path In 2023

Taking that leap of faith and pursuing a new career isn’t easy. If it was, then more people might be willing to leave their jobs in search of something that brings them more fulfilment. However, the path to starting a new career entirely is one that isn’t so easy. It often means a lot more hard work and graft to get into another industry and in some ways, start afresh.

It’s important to find ways in which you can make this a smooth and hitch-free transition – or to minimize as many of the risks as possible. With that in mind, here are some tips to pursue a new career path in 2023.

Look at what existing skills and experience you have

Pursuing a new career is one that might not be as easy when it comes to carrying over your skillset. Some might require skills and knowledge that are completely different to what you’re doing now. That being said, there are still plenty of career transitions that can make use of the existing skills or experience you do currently possess.

Take a look at what you do have and what else you can bring to the table as part of your existing toolkit of skills and knowledge. You may surprise yourself with just how much knowledge you can transfer from your existing job to a new one.

Find a job that sparks joy and passion

It’s important that with any job, you’re doing something that you get pleasure from. Whether that’s joy, passion, a sense of pride or just a good feeling in general, it’s what everyone should aspire to have in their work life.

However, the reality of that is not always the truth for many and instead, they’re in jobs they despise. That might be the reason that you’re looking into another career path. Think about what brings you joy and passion in your life. You may find that unlocks the key to you entering into a career field that brings you so much more than what you get from your job now.

Don’t leave your old job too soon

While it’s exciting to be heading in a new direction, it’s important to remember that you’re not quite there yet. In fact, you might have a long path ahead of you before you’re starting on a new career path. 

As a general rule of thumb, maybe stick with your current job before you go jumping ship to a new one. The reason is that you might need to complete a number of steps before you become eligible for a new career path. From education to simply updating your resume, don’t leave your current job until you’ve at least secured a new job.

Identify what additional education you might need

Education is something that you’ll definitely need in some career changes. From a chaplaincy certification for those wanting to go into such a profession, to completing a whole degree as part of the requirements for the career path itself.

Think about what it is you need to earn and achieve in order to get the opportunities of a new job in the chosen field. Once you have an idea of what’s required, you’ll be able to create a path and a list of goals that need to be checked off.

Start networking online

Networking is something that you’ll want to get yourself familiar with when it comes to starting out on a new career path. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, that’s always a good start for opening up the potential doors available within the field you’re looking to get into.

Otherwise, talk to your network around you in person to see what opportunities they could offer. You can also venture out to email those companies that you’ve got your sights set on and to provide you with information on how you could get into the company.

Networking is something that’s extremely beneficial so it’s worth taking the time to do it now.

Trust the process

Finally, make sure to trust the process. This change of career rarely comes to fruition overnight. Take your time and trust that the steps you’re taking now are going to help you get to where you want to be in the near future.

Starting out on a new career path is scary, challenging but above all, exciting. Use these tips to maximize your chances of success in a new career field for 2023. Hopefully, you’ll be able to look back in the future and realize that this was a worthwhile leap of faith to take!

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