Today Has Been FULL of Blessings

I have been SO extremely BLESSED today, I don’t even know where to begin. So many times, my grandparents and parents used to tell me, “God helps those that help themselves,” and “when one door closes another one opens.” When you are young (teens and 20s and even into your 30s) that doesn’t always make a lot of sense. Especially when you are dealing with so many obstacles in your way. I learned, and not that long ago I might add, (yeah, I was one of those hard-headed types) that if you do everything possible within YOUR power to correct, fix, change or make something come about, that is all that God asks of us. Once you do YOUR part, turn it over to God and just say, “God, I’ve done all that is in my power to do for this situation. I’m turning it over to You now. Let Your will be done.”
Then FORGET IT. Go about your daily life as though the PROBLEM WAS ALREADY FIXED. God will take care of those with the faith of even the tiniest mustard seed. 
It’s an amazing feeling when you feel God working in your life. He’s been ever-present in my day today, and I thank Him for all of the blessings from above and from friends and strangers alike.
So if you’ve got something weighing on your mind, a situation you just cannot seem to do anything else to “fix” – turn it over to God and FORGET IT. You’ll be amazed at how quickly He shows you just how awesome he is!

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    • I do the same, Vicki. It is a lesson that I wish I had learned many years ago, but am thankful for the learning nonetheless! There is one particular issue; however, that I just have not been able to *let go of* and it has been weighing heavy on my heart. I keep telling myself the exact same thing, "In God's Time" even if it does not make it easier to bear, it helps lessen the sting a bit!