Top 10 Healthy Cereals for Diabetic Patients

Which is the Best Cereal for Diabetics?

Cereal can be a good source of nutrition for the morning time. It provides the energy that a person may need early in the day to get themselves re-energized. However, most of these cereals contain a serious amount of processed sugars to make the cereal taste good. They may also contain a healthy amount of carbohydrates, both of which aren’t healthy for a diabetic patient to consume on a daily basis. 

Thereby, the below list will contain some of the best cereal for diabetics. There are variations depending on the preferences of the patient.

Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran

This cereal is good for diabetics for the sole reason that the base product is corn. This cereal happens to be a good source of dietary fiber and there are no added colorings in the concoction. Apart from that, this cereal also has a limited amount of saturated fats in the mix to keep the cholesterol levels down.

Fiber One: Original Bran

This cereal is bran as well. Bran is usually good for diabetic patients because of the lack of processed carbohydrates that might not be easy to break down by the body. This cereal contains a solid amount of fiber and a healthy amount of calories. It has various vitamins and minerals to give the body the nutrition that it needs in order to stay healthy.

Barbara’s Bakery Puffins: Cinnamon and Honey Rice

This type of cereal brand has a gluten free option, which is rare for cereals. The product lacks GMO and makes sure that the cereal does not contain any harmful preservatives. This cereal is also 100% whole grain which is better for the digestion of the body. 

The cereal is also kosher which makes it safe for religious people to consume. Finally, the cereal has a touch of natural honey which allows it to taste good as well.

Kellogg’s Special K: Protein Cereal

This brand of cereal is relatively famous for the production of cereals that will allow you to keep your weight in check, whilst also providing a nutritious breakfast in the morning. The protein version of this cereal makes sure that you have enough strength in your muscles. 

The cereal has a healthy amount of fiber to allow you to keep your bowel movements in check and healthy. It has enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy breakfast.


On the website, Wheaties describes itself as the breakfast eaten by champions. The cereal has a decent amount of vitamins and minerals in the mixture to make the cereal as healthy as possible for you. Apart from that, the cereal contains whole grain wheat which is better for a diabetic patient’s body to break down. 

Vitamin E is a strong ingredient to make sure that the cereal stays fresh.

Post Bran Flakes

This cereal is a good source of fiber in the early morning. It has 13 different vitamins and minerals to retain freshness and provide nutrition and energy to the body when it needs it most. The fat concentration in the cereal is healthy as well and good for the heart. It does not have an obscene amount of concentrated facts which makes it better for diabetic patients. This is one of best cereal for diabetics.


The next cereal on this list is Kix. The cereal contains a healthy amount of proteins to energize the body and re-invigorate the muscles in the body. It contains vitamins and minerals which are good for the body on an external level. The minerals are also good for the skin in the long term. 

It is easily digested by diabetic patients and gives them the energy that they need.


Surprisingly enough, Cheerios is the most popular brand of cereal which can also be consumed by diabetic patients because of the way that it has been manufactured. It is lacking in cholesterol content for the health of the heart and also provides for decent fiber content.

Kellogg’s All Bran

There’s a reason that many of the cereal brands on here use bran as their base product when manufacturing a cereal for the people who are diabetic. It’s because their body can digest it easily. This version of the cereal is also good for the body in terms of weight loss.

Cascadian Farm Organic: Purely O’s

This is the final cereal on this list. The cereal is made out of whole-grain oats and whole-grain barley, both of which are good for digestion. It has a decent amount of dietary fiber which helps regulate bowel movements.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of the best cereal for diabetics but it is a list of some of the high-quality and carefully manufactured cereals for diabetic patients. These can ensure a nutritious breakfast while also incorporating the needs of a diabetic patient.

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