Top 5 Craft Room Investments You Won’t Regret

It is crucial to have a private space within your house where you perfect your craft as a creative. A craft room is a designated space to freely express and nurture your art. 

dream craft room

The room needs to have enough space to do DIY projects freely and without objects falling on the ground; also, keep this in mind when choosing the desk or workspace you’ll be working on.

With this in mind, we’ve listed five craft room investments you’ll not regret.

1. Labels

Labels are essential in a craft room. They make it easy to find all the components you need to create your craft, thus saving you a lot of preparation and cleaning time.

craft room labels

Outside of saving time, labeling also helps organize and declutter your craft room. Another advantage of labeling is that other people can use the space without experiencing any difficulty in locating various components.

An effective tool you can use for labeling is a ribbon printer. Ribbon printers are great because you can use them to create personalized gift packaging for your close friends and family.

2. Stationery

You’ll need various stationary or equipment depending on the type of craft you do. Visual artists will need multiple-sized canvases, paint, paintbrushes, and pencils, while sewers or embroiderers will need needles, needle thread, and a sewing machine.

Having adequate stationery will radically improve the overall quality of your craft and your productivity. 

3. Open Shelving

Shelving is fundamental for storage and organization. Open shelving mainly gives you visibility of all the components you use in your craft. Vertical shelving is the best kind because it elevates your tools to eye level.

craft room open shelving

Use clear storage containers to improve visibility and organization. Ensure that you store components that you use together or those with the same functionality in one container. This will make your labeling easier and improve its accessibility. 

4. Pegboard

A pegboard is an excellent alternative to vertical shelving. Although much smaller, a pegboard lets you have your components close to your workstation. What’s great about a pegboard is that it eliminates the need for drilling holes on your walls.

craft room pegboard

Pegboards come with grids of predrilled holes that hold a variety of hooks. You can use the clips to hang various components that you often use in your craft.

5. Task Lighting

A well-lit workspace is crucial for every craft room. Ceiling lights are ineffective for detail-oriented tasks; therefore, you’ll need an overhead desk light to improve your visibility.

If a task light is out of your budget, you can use an ordinary side lamp as a temporary alternative. However, you will have to get an LED light bulb conducive to the task at hand.

Spending money on buying storage and organization tools is an excellent investment for your craft room. The investment can bear many fruits. You can use the room as a workshop for other creatives who lack the financial support to set up their craft room. Therefore you’ll be creating an alternative income stream while giving back to the art community.  

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