Top 5 Reasons Why The National Should Send Me Tickets

Asking Alexandria is coming to The National in Richmond, VA on May 5th. J. has been a fan of theirs for years now and is chomping at the bit to go to this concert. It’s local, hell we could walk there if we needed to! Unfortunately, I just can’t afford a luxury in the budget at the moment. So I’ve offered to pimp my services for 6 months to The National in exchange for allowing my dude man to see the show.

Here are the top five reasons that AA and The National should send me tickets:

  1. My son has been a huge fan for years;
  2. He’s pulled E’s and F’s up to A’s and B’s (with one C) in the past 6 weeks;
  3. He needs a reward for the awesome job he’s doing on homeschooling;
  4. He’s talked about this concert (in my ear) for the past two months; and
  5. I need the tickets to avoid going completely gray from him worrying me about whether he can go or not!

How about helping us out by sending them a tweet or leaving a comment on their Facebook fan page and asking them to let Kim @ LiaH’s son attend the concert on May 5? Every little bit helps!

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