Top 5 Summer Tips to Preventing Pest Infestation

As much as most people love summer, there is one aspect of this season that isn’t so much fun. As the weather gets warmer, pests start to become more bothersome. Creatures such as ants, mosquitoes, moths, various stinging insects and more start to invade our homes and backyards.

There are, however, some actions you can take to keep these pests at bay. Here are the top 5 summer tips to preventing pest infestation.

Protect Your Family with these Top 5 Summer Tips to Preventing Pest Infestation

Tip 1: Be Careful With Food and Beverages

Food and beverages attract ants and other pests. Almost any type of food left out will attract pests. Sweets, including fruit, is especially attractive to many insects. That’s why you have to be extra careful in the summer to clean up thoroughly after eating.

Don’t leave food on the counter. Put everything in the refrigerator or in sealed containers. Ants can climb, so it’s not enough to simply put packages in cabinets. Make sure everything is well sealed.

Tip 2: Use Tight-Fitting Screens on Doors and Windows

Make sure that you have screens on any open windows or doors. They must be in good condition, as even small holes give mosquitoes, moths and other unwanted guests plenty of room to enter.

If any screens are damaged, the warm weather is the time to replace them. Screens must fit snugly. Always shut the screen door right away after entering the house.

Tip 3: Be Careful with Garbage Cans

Both indoor and outdoor trash containers can be another lure for pests. Indoors, you should have garbage cans with lids that close securely.

Outdoor trash can attract even less welcome pests. This includes not only bees and other insects, but also larger animals such as rodents and raccoons. Never leave trash bags outside overnight. In some areas, this may even attract potentially dangerous predators such as coyotes and bears. Use heavy duty trash containers that close securely.

Tip 4: Control Bees and other Stinging Insects

Bees, hornets, wasps and other stinging insects can be troublesome in the summer. You should check all areas of your home, inside and outside, for nests. If you find one, you should call a professional pest control service to have it removed. 

If you want to keep bees away, you should avoid having flowers near your house that attract them. Bees are drawn to pollen, which can be found not only in flowers but also in certain flowering trees.

Tip #5: Maintain Your Yard

Mowing your lawn regularly helps to reduce the insect population. Long grass gives mosquitoes and other pests a good hiding place. You should also avoid having pools of water around your home, as this will attract bugs. If you have pets, try to get them used to eating and drinking indoors.

You can also do some strategic planting to keep insects away. While pests are drawn to certain plants and flowers, others repel them. Lavender and chrysanthemums are examples of flowers that many insects will avoid.

Have a happy, pest-free summer!

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