Top 5 Tips for Feeling Style Confident

We’ve all admired those women who can walk into a room, exude confidence and just look totally comfortable in their own skin, haven’t we? You know the ones – everyone turns to look because they just look so, well, confident! But feeling style confident isn’t an exclusive club – you can look and feel that way too. Just follow these top tips to fill yourself with confidence and have heads turning your way!

1. First things first, accessories are a must. Whether it’s dressing outfits up with jewelry, adding a little something to your hair or throwing on a scarf, accessorizing can make a huge difference to how our outfits make us feel. Having the right bag, be it a clutch, shoulder or cute rucksack, can make you feel so much more confident by finishing off your look perfectly. Accessories really do add the finishing touch to outfits.

2. A good lipstick is absolutely essential. Knowing you have the right shade of lipstick on, that suits your skin tone, hair color and outfit will work wonders. Shop Dose of Colors matte lipsticks for high-fashion, velvety lip color – the Berry Me shades will lift absolutely any outfit and leave you feeling a million dollars.

3. If you’re not a catwalk pro at walking in high heels, leave them at home! A decent (and comfortable!) pair of boots will give you one more thing to feel carefree and confident about. And if you’re stuck on which style of boots to go for, check out my styling tips on boot-wearing. There are boots for pretty much every occasion and they’re great for versatility so well worth investing in.

4. Go for classic styling, not trends. Not every new style or trend suits every shape or coloring, so just because it is ‘in fashion’  or on-trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Choose classic styles that play up your best features by choosing silhouettes that flatter, making sure you always dress for fit over fashion. A great dress on you is a great dress on you, regardless if it’s at the forefront of the fashion world right now.

5. Dress for comfort. Whether that’s with your footwear, your classic styling or even your coat, comfort is key. While some outfits may look incredible hanging in the closet, if you’re going to be conscious that your dress is too short, that it’s too loose on the shoulders or it’s not sitting right on the hips, you’re going to be too distracted to be your wonderful, confident self.

Top 5 Tips for Feeling Style Confident

So, with all that in check – what’s not to feel confident about? Be true to styles that you really like, wear items that fit well and are comfortable and your style confidence will be flying high. With the right clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup, you can do just about anything! And if all else fails, fake it until you make it – have faith in yourself and others will too.

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