Top 6 Memories Every Child Should Have Growing Up

Every child has the right to have an exciting and uplifting childhood. However, every kid has a different life. The experiences one child has may be differ from another child, but each should have these top six memories that will last them the rest of their lives.

The Top Six Memories Every Child Should Have Growing Up

They Need To Learn To Ride A Bike

Every child needs to learn how to ride a bike. There’s no specific age that kids should learn to ride, but the ability to ride around the neighborhood and feel some freedom is important. Also, riding a bike can be a skill used for exercise all growing up.

Kids Need To Play Sports

The sport doesn’t matter, but every kid should be on a team of some kind. This helps them learn about teamwork, can play the game their idol plays and can even use that sports as a springboard to a college scholarship or an avocation as an adult. They can learn sportsmanship by losing gracefully and taking the win honorably through playing a sport.

Kids Should Play Some Video Games

Video games are not all bad. The best experience for a kid playing video games is the one wherein their parents are involved. The family that plays video games together builds a lifetime of memories. Kids will learn how to win and lose well while playing video games. Moreover, video games help to improve hand-eye coordination and improve the deductive reasoning skills of the child.

They Should Own A Pet

Every child should have a chance to get that puppy in the window. Whether a corner pet shop has pit bull puppies for sale or the family adopts a puppy from a neighbor, every child should have the chance to own and bond with a pet. Pets help to teach responsibility, but they are also a wonderful way for kids to learn compassion. Caring for a pet can help teach life lessons through childhood.

Every Kid Should Have A Sleepover

Sleepovers are one of the first ways a kid learns to leave the house and be independent. While children need to be supervised, the opportunity to leave the house and stay with their friends prepares them for overnight trips, college and life after school.

Every Child Should Have Godparents

While children should have friends and relatives around them, godparents are special. Godparents are the people who the child knows would care for them if something were to happen to their parents. Godparents can create a special bond with kids that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Whether kids have a new puppy at home, start playing baseball or spend New Year’s Eve with their godparents, the chance to have these special memories is simply priceless. Every kid should have these six memories to carry them into adulthood and future parenthood.

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