Top 6 Things to Get Your Husband for His First Father’s Day!

Becoming parents is an enjoyable experience as you are now parents to a baby. And it can be great when they first start speaking and say, mummy or daddy.  Having a child also means you get to start celebrating occasions such as Father’s Day. Celebrating these days for the first time can be really special. Here are six fab present ideas for your husband for his first Father’s Day!

If you want to get your partner something extra special for his first Father’s Day, you should consider a picture of him and the new baby. He will love having a photo he can take to work, and show off to all his colleagues. Or he could even put it up on the wall of your home, for guests to see when they come over. He will still be getting used to the idea of being a ‘dad’ so it will be amazing for him to see a picture of him and the baby. You could always go for a photo shoot as a present if you haven’t got many pictures of your partner and the baby. They tend to do newborn shoots so that you will get lots of photos of the three of you together. It’s a thoughtful present idea that he will remember forever!

Top 6 Things for New Dads Their First Father's Day

Anything With “Daddy” On It!

As it’s his first Father’s Day, he will want something which will celebrate him becoming a dad. Therefore, you should get him a lovely memento with Father or Dad on it. He will treasure it, and put it on display for everyone to see. It could be a glass or mug which he could use, or display as a keepsake. Or you could get him a teddy or even some custom socks which he will adore. You should make sure to get him a card with daddy on it too; it will mean so much to him as it’s the first time.

A Couples-Only Meal Alone with You

After the birth of a baby, it can be hard to spend time as a couple alone. Therefore, as a special Father’s Day treat, why not ask someone to babysit so that the two of you can go out for a meal. Everyone knows that your love life can deteriorate once your bundle of joy arrives. You’re both so busy with the baby that you forget that the two of you should be showing each other how much you love each other. Organize a meal at his favorite restaurant. He will be really surprised and pleased to be able to spend some time together as a treat!

A Movie or Concert Event

When choosing Father’s Day gifts for your husband, it’s a good idea to think about what he might want to do as a special treat. After all, it’s his day, and he might want a chance to get away from the perils of parenthood. You would have had to not have so many treats with the baby coming along. Therefore, get him something like a cinema or concert ticket so he can have some fun. If you can’t find a babysitter so that you can go along, ask one of his friends if they will go with him. See if his favorite band are touring so that you can get him a concert ticket. Or if a new movie has come out with an actor he likes. He will appreciate getting out the house for a while!

Arrange a Trip with Friends

When you have a baby, unfortunately, your friends often disappear as you spend all your time with your little one. As you can’t go out on nights out or go to see them so much, they tend not to invite you along for arrangements. It can be hard for people to adjust to. Therefore, for Father’s Day, why don’t you sort out a night out with his friends so he can spend time with them. You could sort a trip out for the day they could all go to, or even just a get together around your home while you and baby go out!

A Spa Treatment

When your baby comes along, you and your husband will both be getting less sleep. You will both struggle to find time to relax. Therefore, a great present idea for your other half would be a spa treatment. Arrange for him to have a massage as he will be very tense after the worries of the birth, and the new baby. He will be able to relax for an hour, and will be refreshed when he comes home.

Even if you can’t afford much, he will love spending time together as a little family!

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