Top 6 Tips When Embarking on a Garden Room Build

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A garden room is a stunning addition to your home, a special space that is either attached to the property or separate from it.  The key to creating the best garden room is to plan ahead and here are 6 tips when you are embarking on the project to help it all come together.

Positioning and Space

Before you think about anything, you want to consider the space available and the positioning of the garden room.  You can often add one to different parts of the house although the rear is often best and comes with the least regulations under Permitted Development.  Or you may want to have it slightly removed from the house, making use of the garden or to offer a different view from the rear of the property.

Also, think about the sunshine – a sunny spot will mean you can get the most out of it, but you might also want to think about if you are overlooked as well as where trees and shrubs are located.

Choose the Design

Once you have an idea of where you want the garden room, you can start looking at designs and construction materials.  One popular option is an oak garden room from a ready-made kit that means you can easily DIY the project.  

You also want to look at things like glazing and doors.  If you want to be able to use the garden room in the winter, as a home office for example, then you will want it insulated and have double glazing windows and doors.  This will make it easier to heat and more comfortable in colder months. If it is merely to use in the summer, then you can use single glazing or even leave some areas open.

create a visual flow for your garden room

Create a Visual Flow

Another reason that timber is so popular for garden room construction is that it can blend in with the house even if it is brick built.  And not only is this a desirable tip but it is also something mentioned in Permitted Development – that extensions and outbuildings should be in keeping with the main house.  You can also tie the garden house in with other features in the garden – if you have a fence painted green, consider staining the wood the same color. Or use doors in the garden room that match the main house.

Decorate It!

There are lots of ways to decorate a garden room, depending on its purpose.  If it is a summer outdoor space, then something like fairy lights and some real or imitation plants will be perfect.  If you plan to use it all year round, then you can go for full decoration. Use dramatic color for seating or other features and add easy to clean rugs to the floor.

Enhance the Space

Even if you can only manage a small garden room, there are ways to enhance it and make it look bigger.  Mirrors on walls are a simple but effective trick to make any space seem bigger. If there is a transition to a patio or decking area, a built-in wall seat nearby can make the room seem larger.  And a popular trend is the living wall – a special wall construction with plants in pockets on it that makes a green and interesting wall area.


Once all the work is done and the garden room is completed, sit back and enjoy the results.  Whether you use it for outdoor entertaining, to work from home or to simply relax on a sunny day, your new garden room is there for whatever you need to take the time to enjoy it!

6 Tips to Create a Garden Room Build

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