Top Features of High-Quality Mattresses

Understanding mattress descriptions take a little know-how. Unless you know what features are best, you’ll be lucky if you find a mattress you love for the long term. This article describes features that set the most comfortable mattresses apart from the rest.


Wrapped Coils

Also called an encased coil mattress, a mattress with wrapped coils provides a supportive bed. Because the coils are individually wrapped, they can move with each part of your body as you shift in bed at night. They distribute your weight evenly so that you can avoid aches and strains in your back, hips, and shoulders. You can get this kind of wrapped-coil bed mattress on 1StopBedrooms.

Tempered Steel Coils

Tempered steel coils are incredibly durable. Before the bed is put together, the steel is heated up and then cooled down as the springs are made. They not only last longer, but they keep their shape over time.

High-Density Foam

Most mattresses have some foam, while some are nearly all foam. Either way, be sure to get one that has high-density foam. The best foam materials spring back easily, so you can avoid that dip or indentation on the surface where you sleep.

Edge Support

Whether you’re taking off your slippers, setting your alarm, or simply getting in and out of bed, eventually, you will spend some time sitting on the edge of your mattress. Without edge support, it will get flattened down. That affects the things you do on the edge and the top of the bed where you sleep. Excellent mattresses have edge support, usually accomplished with a special row of encased coils topped with thick batting.

Thicker Height

For many people, the biggest selling point of luxury mattress is their thickness. And deep mattresses do indeed provide extra cushioning. That’s especially important if you sleep on your side. They can also hold up to more weight, which is beneficial if you’re heavier or have more people in the bed.

Softer Tops

Some excellent mattresses have softer tops. These include Euro-top as well as pillowtop mattresses. They allow you to get the support you need from the body of the mattress and still have a soft, comfortable surface for sleeping. Two-sided pillow tops allow you to flip the mattress if you like.

Thermal Regulation

Do you often feel too hot in your bed? Maybe even sweat during the night? If so, a mattress that regulates temperature well is the way to go. What you need is a mattress that has a top made of breathable fabrics to allow airflow. The types of materials used in the rest of the mattress may affect your temperature, too. Some mattresses also have a cooling gel inside to keep you cooler all night long.

top features of high quality mattresses

When you’re choosing a mattress, you’re sure to find many levels of quality. Sometimes, even the worst, thinnest, least supportive mattresses are overpriced. However, you can find excellent mattresses with all these luxury features if you shop at the right online store.

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