Top Flooring Trends of 2021

It’s a new year, which means homeowners are looking forward to jazzing up their homes. Sprucing your home with new flooring is an excellent place to start. New floors could be the transformation you need to turn your house into a home. However, what you pick also has a hand in the mood and vibe you set for your space. Especially with many of us getting stuck inside our homes, being cooped up in a space you can love makes the lockdown not half as depressing.

Many people are often hesitant about picking trends, but we can say that things are different with flooring choices. When most styles only stick around for a year or so, new flooring trends tend to differ. What takes off this year can stay hot for years to come. Looking into 2021 flooring trends may not be a bad idea if you are considering revamping your space with new floors. So, what’s in store in 2021? Be inspired by the following hot trends that are making a statement this year.

Whitewashed Wood

It is no surprise that wood would make the list for trending floors in 2021. Its warmth and authentic natural tone have won the eye of many homeowners. With many of us huddling up inside during the pandemic, bringing in some naturalistic interior is what many crave. With beiges and browns raging this year, why not bring some edge with whitewashed wood floors? Its style complements different styles, from contemporary, rustic, and even modern. You can have the planks customized to size and thickness, fitting your needs. Whitewashed wood is not just stylish but could also be just the thing to add to the minimalistic and homey vibe you want to create for your space. Can’t afford natural wood? Don’t fret because engineered wood, wood-like vinyl, or laminate can still help you achieve your whitewashed wood look more so while remaining within your budget.

Stone Look Vinyl

If technology has done one thing is make what we once thought impossible possible. Vinyl, which was once an inferior flooring choice, has gained popularity among homeowners. With more technological upgrades, it has become closer in looks to materials like stone. The gorgeous natural stone look is expected to last for years to come, and when you add the durability, warmth, and resilience of vinyl, this is the perfect addition to your home. Talk about a lot of looks on a budget!

Marble Look Tiles

There is a reason why everyone who sees marble flooring labels it splendid, and we are not talking about only its beauty. The marble look radiates elegance and exquisiteness that has interior enthusiasts drooling. So why not hop on the trend? Yes, natural marble is expensive, but that doesn’t mean real marble-look is unattainable. You can finally vogue your space with a more affordable option. Ceramic tiles can be customized for a marble look that is affordable, durable, and not to mention cheaper. You can consult with a Toronto flooring company to customize tile pieces of your liking to inject an outlandish touch into your space.

Accent Tile Work

2021 minimalistic with single flooring is just not my style? Maybe not, but 2021 flooring trends are serving all, not just the minimalists. Decorative tiling is something to explore this year for those looking to add charm and character to their space. Homeowners are embracing it all in small rooms from encaustic tiles, terracotta tiles, and penny round tiles. So, if you want to zhuzz up your powder room or laundry room with flooring, artisan tile work is it! You can go bold with large black and white tiles or unglazed Belgian reproduction tiles, creating a luxurious flair in your home.

Patterned Wood

Most homeowners are going for simplicity and visual interest when choosing flooring in 2021, but how do you find both in one choice? You guessed it! Patterned wood. Regardless of whether you use solid hardwood, LVP, parquet, and even engineered wood, you can change your entire flooring game by simply laying the flooring in different patterns. Have your flooring contractor bring some edge to the soft palette material by installing it in various patterns such as chevron or herringbone. The design upscales the visual appeal and creates a luxury look; it is no wonder it is trendy among homeowners.

Staying cooped up in our homes in 2020 has had many of us giving a lot of thought to our space, more than we often do. Like how much life have these floors seen, or does this tiling look off for my interior? These are the questions many are asking that drive them into revamping their floors. And we say, why not? 

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