Top Gear for DIY Home Repair

Some home repair projects only a professional can do. However, painting a kitchen, hanging a picture, or fixing a fence is not rocket science. You can easily tackle such projects yourself, provided you have the necessary tools. Before you start any home repair, make sure you have the tools at hand to help you complete the job successfully. Here is a list of top gear for DIY home repair projects.

A Ladder

A sturdy ladder is a must for doing hard-to-reach repairs. Whether you need to paint a room or change a lightbulb, a good ladder will make a job much easier and more efficient. At the very least, invest in a basic step ladder. Home-use ladders are usually made of aluminum or wood. Both types are reliable, but an aluminum ladder is much lighter and easier to move around and store. 

A Basic Toolbox

A Basic Toolbox
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Every handyman or woman needs to have a toolbox with the essential items for completing jobs around the house. The number of tools in your toolbox will depend on how many repairs you need to do and how complicated they are. You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy tools you might never use, but you should have the most essential tools, such as a hammer, a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver, pliers, a tape measure, a wrench, and a utility knife. Start with these items, arrange them neatly in your toolbox, and you can buy more as the need arises.

A Power Drill

You can do basic home repairs without a power drill, but if you are up for a major house renovation, you will definitely need one. Investing in a good drill is important. You can choose between a corded and a cordless drill. A cordless one is more convenient because you can take it anywhere you’re working without needing a power source. A corded drill is cheaper and doesn’t require batteries, which can get expensive if you use it often. 

If you decide to buy a corded drill, go for one with a long extension cord. For smaller jobs, a cordless 12-volt drill will do the trick. Typically, an 18-volt drill is suitable for any kind of job around the house.

Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

You don’t want to spoil your regular clothes with dust or paint, so designate a few sets of clothing (overalls, jeans, comfortable T-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts) for wearing during your home repair projects. It’s also important to have comfortable and sturdy footwear. If you’ll be spending hours working on a project, then comfort is essential. Moreover, durable shoes such as work boots will protect your feet and help prevent you from slipping, especially if you work outside. Proper clothing will help you stay dry and warm when you do repairs in the yard.

Stock up with these supplies, as well as small but handy items such as super glue or wood glue, duct tape, and epoxy, before your next big DIY home repair.

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