Top Sprinkler Head Problems That Drive Us Mad

We often times invest in quality sprinklers because we believe it will be an investment that will pay off. Much to our surprise, they end up breaking anyway. There are multiple reasons why sprinklers would stop working, as there are multiple problems that can occur with the sprinkler head.

In this article we learn about the various sprinkler head problems that make us look into Denver sprinkler repair in order to find good Colorado sprinkler service. So if you’ve often used Denver sprinkler repair services but never really understood what the problems was, they are going to help us learn about the top sprinkler head problems below.


Clogged sprinklers heads are easy to sniff out as the symptoms include little or no sprinkle stream.  This is probably the most common problem, and it happens most often with underground sprinklers since they are more susceptible to such damage. The rain as well as remains from the lawn mower will contribute to clogging up the underground sprinkler head and causing the system to malfunction.

Broken Heads

A broken sprinkler head is also easy to come by and often occurs due to not paying full attention during landscaping or mowing the lawn. The lawn mower blades as well as other tools can damage the sprinkler head and hinder it from being able to fulfill its purpose of going up when the system activates and going down when it deactivates.

While changing a broken sprinkler head is simple, the best course of action would be to be aware of their positioning so they don’t get hit at all. One other important factor to take into consideration here is the fact that sometimes sprinkler heads are positioned way too high above the ground. This is what makes them prone to damage therefore the easiest way to go about it is to have them placed deeper into the ground.

Stuck Valves

This is another problem that can be quite a nuisance. Sprinklers usually come with two valves and if one of them gets clogged, it means that the system isn’t shutting down when it’s supposed to and the sprinkler just continues to sprinkle away.

This problem requires the sprinkler to be removed and examined so that all existing debris is cleaned from the valves. This most often times involves disassembling the sprinkler completely in order to take out the debris. (Don’t worry, we’ve included video instructions if you want to attempt this yourself.)  It is a task better left in the hands of professionals, unless you are confident you can remember how the designed looked.

Each brand and model come with their own design so it can be quite challenging to re-assemble a sprinkler if you didn’t pay attention to how it came apart previously.

We hope that you have a great summer season and that you don’t encounter any issues with your sprinkler system, but if you do, you now have a handy checklist to go through and eliminate potential issues!

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  1. When I lived in Florida, we had a sprinkler system, and yes, sprinkler heads were a constant chore.

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