Top Tips for Making Your Appliances Last Longer

With the coronavirus impacting millions of businesses around the world and many people likely to lose jobs over the coming weeks and months, it’s more vital than ever for all of us to find ways to cut costs and stretch budgets.

While most of us think about things like reducing food, utilities, and entertainment expenses and looking for creative ways to bring in more income, there are lots of other ways to help your money last longer.

For instance, consider how you might spend less money on things for your home. Appliances often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so it pays to get as much usage out of them for as long as you can, so you don’t have to invest in a new gadget soon. There are particular steps you can take today in your household to help your appliances last longer.

Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

Lots of people fail to even glance at the instruction manual that comes with their machines, but this can come back to bite them later. While this reading task may not be the most exciting, it is an essential one. Manufacturers put recommendations in their manuals about how to use their appliances correctly. They also provide tips on common troubleshooting needs.

When you follow these recommendations and use machines in the manner they’re designed to be, plus look out for signs of problems, this all helps to extend their life. If you can’t find the manuals that came with your white goods, most manufacturers post copies of them on their websites for people to download. Alternatively, search online for spare catalogs as many forums and other sites share major brands’ booklets.

Maintain and Repair Appliances

Another way to ensure your appliances remain useful for the long term is to maintain them regularly. Again, follow the instructions in the guide for each machine that gives you tips on necessary tasks to complete on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Also, as soon as you spot a problem with a machine, have a professional inspect it, and conduct necessary repairs. An experienced tradesperson you find from a site like will know how to get your appliance in perfect running order (or as perfect as possible), which will help it to work well over the years to come.

Avoid taking machines apart and attempting to repair them yourself unless you’re suitably qualified for the task. If you try to repair an appliance but make things worse, you may not only break the machine entirely but also void your warranty.

Clean Out Filters

When it comes to extending the life of a white good, a must is often cleaning out filters. Different filters need emptying at different points, depending on things like size, machine usage, and how reliant on the filter the appliance is. Some filters are easy to get to, while others are harder to reach and may need a professional to attend to them.

In your tumble dryer, for instance, the filter needs emptying after every use so the machine doesn’t work harder or use more power than it should. The same goes for most vacuums, especially the newer handheld ones.

On the other hand, the filter in your washing machine only needs cleaning around twice per year. Doing this job will ensure you get rid of gunk, clothing threads, stray coins, and other bits and pieces that escape from clothes pockets during a wash. You’ll find that the filter is typically tucked away at the base of washing machines, behind a panel, so you may need assistance to get to this part of your appliance.

Enable Better Ventilation

Ventilation is also essential for the extension of appliance lifetimes. While you may have some rooms where space is limited, always take steps to give your appliances enough areas above and behind them for ventilation. Most white goods require at least half to one inch of extra space. When ventilation openings stay clear, and air can circulate freely, this allows appliances to do their job more effectively. They use less power as a result, too. Plus, it reduces the risk of electrical fires.

It’s a fact of life that appliances need replacing at some point, as they get older and worn out. However, by taking care of your machines and following the steps listed above, you will extend their lifespan and leave yourself needing fewer repair calls, not to mention less investment in white goods over the years ahead.

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