Tornado Rips Through Mechanicsville Causes Major Damage and Power Outages

In case you were wondering, Life in a House of Testosterone has been out of service since Thursday evening when a tornado ripped through our sleepy little town of Mechanicsville on the outskirts of Richmond, VA. You can see photos of the damage our property sustained below.

Photo Gallery of Storm Damage and Video

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Scary as it was, it was over as quickly as it arrived.

From the Dominion Virginia Power website:

A damaging storm Thursday, June 16, impacted over 250,000 customers. Hundreds of locations have significant-to-catastrophic damage where trees brought down spans of wires and pulled down multiple poles and cross arms. View the latest news release >> Dominion Virginia Power Making Significant Progress to Safely Restore Power

June 18 – Afternoon Update:

  • We expect 90% of all customers to have power restored by the end of the day, with the vast majority of customers restored by 11 p.m. Sunday.
  • Crews will continue to work this afternoon and through the night to restore power to all customers.
  • As crews arrive to make repairs at each location, individual restoration times will be available

You can view more extensive damage that Virginia Power is working to repair on their Facebook page.

Our Experience

Our power went out about the same time that the tornado warning came across our phones. We were outside videotaping the storm when all of a sudden, all of our phones went off at the same time in the hallway. There were about six of us outside under the awning when it happened. I read the warning and made the kids go inside immediately and take cover with Molly and waited for hubby to come in the house. He had been stranded trying to get home when the truck cut off on him three times! He was soaking wet from trying to get it back running to just get home to safety!

Our power was out until about 10PM on Friday evening, about 24 hours after the storm. We lost a few items in the fridge and freezer, but they are all items that can be replaced – so we aren’t worried about that. Just thankful that nobody was hurt and the building damage and property damage can all be repaired as well. We can’t get our beautiful trees back that were lost, which greatly saddens me because we have some really gorgeous stately pine trees around our property that were lost.

Now that we are back online, we are going to be getting caught up with a few items that we were not able to publish before the storm hit – so stay tuned for some awesomeness and check out the photos and storm videos while you’re waiting!

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