Toxins and Your Child: What You Need to Know

As parents, we wish more than anything that the world could be better for our children- but unfortunately it’s not. Illness, crime, poverty and other terrible things exist, so all we can do is our very best. Each of us aims to give our child the best start, and one thing we have some control over is toxins. Unfortunately toxins are everywhere, we live in a world powered by fossil fuels and scrubbed clean by chemicals- but we do have the ability to minimize what they are exposed to. We can’t wrap our kids in cotton wool, but we can do the following…

Feed Organic Food

A good rule of thumb when it comes to buying organic fruit and vegetables is if you eat the skin- buy organic. This is things like grapes, apples and tomatoes. If the skin is thick and doesn’t come into contact with pesticides and other chemicals used in the farming process then you’re ok to buy non- organic. This is things like oranges, melons and bananas. Milk and other dairy should be bought organic since this will come from cattle that hasn’t been given hormones – or you can always use non-dairy alternatives. Nut, oat and rice milks as well as cheeses and yogurts made from these things are all popular these days and can be found in just about any supermarket. When it comes to things like baby food, it’s always best to buy organic. You can check out the best organic baby food online, purchasing these gives you peace of mind that you’re feeding your baby the very best. 

Buy a Water Filter

Viruses, fecal bacteria, heavy metals, plastics, pesticides and other toxins are all often found in regular tap water when it’s analyzed. Since simple water filtering jugs remove almost all of these things, it’s a cheap and easy way to ensure you or your family aren’t ingesting them.

toxins what you need to know for your kids

Go With Organic Cotton Clothing

As well as what your child consumes, what you put on their skin can also make a difference.  Since cotton comes from a plant, it’s usually treated with chemicals such as pesticides and weed killers. However, the same strict rules with chemicals aren’t used here since the plant isn’t grown for eating. However Traces of the chemicals can still be present in any clothing that is made from the plant even after washing. Babies and young children’s skin is more porous than adults, so toxins are able to enter their bodies far more easily. You can get around this by buying organic cotton- at least for items that come into direct contact with their skin. 

Use All Natural Products

Surprisingly, even products designed for babies can contain all kinds of nasty ingredients. Your best bet is to find an all natural, organic brand you love and buy your baby items from here. There are lots about these days, due to more of a demand for these kinds of products.

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