Playing on More than One Plane: Toys With An Interactive Aspect

In the age of technology there is a growing trend of toys that include an interactive aspect. The online experience of these additions not only enhances the playing aspect but the educational as well. The advancement into further horizons of playing and learning will open up new pathways for children. The toys and their compatible online interactions will advance a new playing field for children, educators and parents everywhere.


The K-20 generation of today is formally known as the “Net Generation”. Their experience in the real world has revolved around online interactions that have helped shape them into who they are today. It is with this in mind that many toy companies and game designers are gearing their content towards the educational market as well as their entertainment counterparts.

Where it was once thought that gaming was the sign of a modern wasted youth, teachers have discovered that gaming improves upon key skills and aptitudes, which can greatly increase learning. With studies showing that both motor and cognitive skills can be developed through gaming, the previous negative perception of gaming has begun to gradually change.

Games bring an element of skill that promotes further development into a child or young adult’s role in the world. Multi-tasking, strategy concepts and hand-eye coordination are a few examples of these skills that games can develop. Managing complex variables, literacy, and problem solving mixed with the computer skills needed to engage in these activities also prove astoundingly useful!

The toy world has recognized this change in how children play and have acted upon this opportunity. With every doll, action figure and any other toy you can think of, there is almost always a corresponding game to go with it. Specific games with specific toys all work together to get the most value out of the playing as well as the educational experience.

In increasing numbers, toys are now being used in classrooms as learning tools. Where it once was inappropriate for a child to play during classroom hours, the rules have changed. With this new and interactive way to utilize a child’s attention through fun as well as learning, teachers everywhere have begun to incorporate games into their lesson plans.

This aspect of learning for children has not changed their ability to have fun, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Engaging in activities that require problem-solving skills can increase a child’s immersion into the world of learning as well as entertainment. This actually allows the child to take in information that is not only interactive but less static and one-sided.

It’s important to relate kid’s gaming experiences to the things they hold dear. While it is necessary to provide children with various activities that will increase their learning capacity, online activities already associated with the toys they love tend to grip and engage them.

With an evolving world of continuous entertainment, toy companies have responded in turn with games that relate directly with their consumers. The added advantage of having an educational purpose that is raising worldwide interest lets us know that this is a trend that will not be extinct soon. 

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