Transform Your Bedroom Into a Comfortable Haven

When redecorating a bedroom, one of the most important things to focus on is comfort. A bedroom is the place where you’ll experience all different kinds of emotions. It’s where you’ll flop onto the bed after a bad break up and cry until you have no more tears left. It’s where you’ll dance around when you’ve just found out you got the job you always wanted. It’s where you’ll throw your phone across the room because you had a disagreement with your best friend. And it’s where you’ll hide when you need some alone time. So the key to a great bedroom – is comfort.

There are many different areas in the room you can focus on that will provide you with the comfort you deserve. It’s important to remember that no two people are alike, so make sure you cater to whatever you feel like you need – not what people tell you is best. At the end of the day, it’s your bedroom, and you do whatever you like with it.

The Bed

Now an obvious place to put your attention on, would be the bed. This is the place you put your head down to sleep so that you can get the rest that is required, in order for you to recharge your batteries for the next day ahead. If you’re not comfortable in your bed, how do you expect to get a proper sleep? You can also end up with a bad back and neck that will eventually start causing you a lot of discomfort.

A great bed starts with a brilliant mattress. There are many different types out there on the market that cater to different things, so it’s important you do your research until you know what is right for you and your body. Once that has been sorted, you can dress it all up with a pretty bed set. There are some stunning duvet covers that are available, that not only come in a beautiful colour, but are made out of the finest material that will feel oh so good on your skin.

Now you can finish that all off with a furry throw to snuggle with, and a few small cushions to add a bit drama to it all.

transform your bedroom

The Floor

The floor of any room tends to be overlooked, but especially in the bedroom, and in fact, this is where it matters most. This is where you’re always changing outfits and lounging around, so your feet are going to be barefoot a lot of the time, or at least without shoes, so you want something that is soft and warming to them, rather than harsh and cold. Sure, a wooden floor is classic and looks very nice. But what also looks and feels nice – is fluffy carpet. Or you can comprise, and opt for a cute rug for the middle of your floor, or next to your bed so you’re greeted with it every time you get in and out. When winter time comes and the weather starts getting cold – if you do have wooden floor – it’ll get cold too. In the event of this happening, just stock up on rugs and place them around your room like a jigsaw. Or, bring in some tapestries but rather than hanging them on the walls – put them on the floor instead. This will not only warm it up physically, but it will add an exotic spice to your room – one full of history and adventure.

The Glow

Last but not least, the atmosphere that you decide to give to your room all depends on the kind of lighting you invite in. Daylight is one thing, but when the sun drops, you will need something to light up your room. Now, you can stick to a single bulb in the centre of your ceiling like most people, or you can think of ways to set the tone. Lamps are great if you’d like to add a bit of variety and depth to a room. You can get a few and scatter them around, having them all at different heights to create some texture there. Another wonderful way of subtly lighting an area is with candles. They look beautiful, and you can even get scented ones so they smell delicious too. Fairy lights are another way to brighten up a space without being too extreme, and you can put them practically wherever you want as you can wrap them, weave them, tie them, or even fit them into a mason jar if you wish!

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