Transformation and Johnny Depp

It has been a very busy weekend here at Life in a House of Testosterone – well for this estrogen carrier anyway! We heralded the beginning of spring by coloring my horribly gray hair on Thursday:

The length and color before photo - Life in a House of Testosterone

Friday, March 21st I decided to lob it all off. I love the color, its a bit more red than I would like, but it will fade in time. It’s been about two years since I colored my hair. I “was” going back to my natural color but seeing as my “natural” color is now all flipping gray, yeah – we’re not going down that road. So! Here’s the after picture:

The Transformation After Photo - Life in a House of Testosterone

I completely and totally love love love the new look! It is so much easier to take care of – I get up in the morning, shower, throw a bit of mousse in my hair, blow dry and add a curl or two here and there and I’m ready to go. I love having a styled look every day instead of just my hair yanked up in a ponytail. I hated having it down because it was always getting in my face and that’s one thing I absolutely cannot STAND.

So transformation complete – I’m feeling like a brand new gal – and I think that is something that every woman needs in her life now and again! 

Southern Women's Show

Saturday was a girl’s day out with my daughter, April. We did a bit of mall shopping and I picked up a new pair of oh-so-comfy flats and some new earrings and a necklace to compliment my outfit. Then we hit Starbucks for our java fix, and we were off to the Southern Women’s Show at the Richmond International Raceway.

Talk about F-U-N! Neither one of us had attended one of the annual shows before, so it was a first for both of us. I was literally blown away at the amount of vendors that were there – everything you could possibly think of under the sun! April is going to be hosting a party for some jewelry and I’ve got a packet of information about possibly working with Touchstone Crystal – a member of the Swarovski Group – about their absolutely gorgeous jewelry!

I absolutely loved the chance to “meet” Johnny Depp in person … along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Jennifer Lopez! Courtesy of Madame Tussaud’s Washington D.C. wax museum. (gotcha lol). These figures are so lifelike though, and the attention to detail is just mind boggling!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis from Madame Tussaud's in Washington, D.C.

Johnny Depp from Madame Tussaud's in Washington D.C.

Entered to win 4 free tickets to the museum in Washington, D.C. so keeping my fingers crossed that we win! Would be an awesome weekend road trip for this crew of mine!

Mick's Gourmet Soup - Sold at Green Top Locally - Best Soup Ever!

Go order this soup. Don’t walk, RUN to the computer! It is only sold in select stores at the moment. You can order it online or check on their Facebook page for more info. They have their soup in several Sam’s Clubs! April and I tried all three flavors – the Clam Chowder, the Cream of Crab and the Lobster Bisque. We both came home with a can of Lobster and Clam Chowder – I thought I’d asked for the Crab but I got the same thing she did roflmao! Had the lobster last night and it was sheer heaven! I’m saving the Clam Chowder for the next snow day (which should be Tuesday ha ha ha) to snuggle up with and enjoy a warm bowl of absolute heaven!

I had so much fun – there was so much to see! If you get a chance to attend the Southern Women’s Show I highly recommend it! They are even having an event up North in Michigan for all you northerner friends of mine! Stop by and check it out! You’ll be amazed at all the awesome things you’ll find!

I spent more money than I intended to (cough cough) but told April that next year I was going to make sure I had about $500 to take with me because oh my goodness there was so much I wanted!!! The jewelry alone and the handbags and the clutches – it was a girly-girl paradise! April picked up this absolutely beautiful claddagh ring that just looks stunning on her!

We hit the gem and mineral show as well (part of the Southern Women’s Show) in the annex building before leaving and I (almost) wish that the boys had been with. They would have absolutely loved the dinosaur fossils and other gemstones that you could purchase. I did get Tre a dinosaur grab bag and a gemstone grab bag for Jonathan … and naturally I couldn’t leave without picking up an amethyst for my desk!

Dinosaur Trolling for Some Lunch at the Southern Women's Show 2014


Dinosaur Munching a Rabbit at the Gem & Mineral Display - Southern Women's Show 2014


Dinosaur Fossil from the Gem and Mineral Show - Southern Women's Show 2014


Dinosaur Fossil from the Gem and Mineral Show - Southern Women's Show 2014

Tre was absolutely thrilled at the quartz crystal and shell fossil that he found in his grab bag!

Tre and His Shell Fossil from the Dinosaur Grab Bag - Southern Women's Show 2014

Tre and his Quartz Crystal from the Grab Bag - Southern Women's Show 2014

I had an absolutely awesome #girlsdayout with my daughter, and I am so looking forward to attending again next year!

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