Travel Tips to Ease the Journey When Traveling with Kids

It’s time for summer and time for the annual summer school vacation! Yes, it’s time for a family vacation! 

A mere thought of travelling with kids is enough to compel parents to play endless games of hide and seek instead of venturing out in the open to enjoy. Those ‘brave’ parents who are ready to fly with their kids, might be worried about arriving in one piece! Bored and overtired kids become cranky kids on holiday.   

With a bit of know-how, travelling with kids can become a hassle-free process. Just take note of the below tips and enjoy a pleasant journey with your kids.

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Choose Your Family Travel Preferences

Memorable journeys are those where each family member gets a chance to experience something they always wanted to. So, sit down with your family and discuss their ideas and interests along with a detailed discussion on the budget. Through, these conversations, you will also learn about each other’s needs and thus, able to choose destinations and activities as per the interest of the entire family.  

Carry Lots of Snacks and Keep Your Entertainment Stuff High

Be ready to battle hunger, thirst, and boredom on flights. Pack dry snacks and liquids, up to a permissible limit. If you’re travelling with an infant or a toddler, don’t forget to take items like milk or baby food. At some airports, security also allows small ice packs to keep dairy food cool. Take lots of wipes and a spare set of clothes plus favorite toys of your kid. Give one toy at a time when a meltdown is imminent. Charge up your iPad with new kids’ games. Remember, a flight is not the right time to limit your child’s screen time.

Pack Only What You May Need

Some of the things that you should pack are shorts, skirts, lightweight tees. Light is the prime factor that you should consider and thus, pack only such clothes which are easy to wash and dry overnight. Style wise, you can go with clothes that cover your child’s arms and legs rather than strappy dresses to give him/her protection from the sun. Always pack a small first aid kit that can come handy in case of cuts, blisters, scratches and so on. Heavy clothing that takes days to dry, new shoes that haven’t been worn or expensive jewelry or handbag, these are such items which should be at your home and not in your suitcase. 

Be Careful When Choosing Locations

Choose those places which you can easily cover and are within walking distance from your accommodation. After all, the last thing that you would want to do is arrive at a location and then travel 40 kms more to see top sights.   

Buy a Travel Insurance Policy

Besides, following the above points, don’t forget to buy a comprehensive travel insurance before flying. Mishaps like baggage loss, passport loss, personal accidents, etc.; are some of the unexpected situations which can happen with anyone. Moreover, when such unanticipated events occur, things can take a wrong turn if you are travelling with kids. Such situations can scare you and seeing you in a frightening position, your kids may also panic. Further, children are more vulnerable to climate changes and therefore, the medical costs may increase when they are your travel buddies. So, it is good to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy which will offer you coverage in case of situations like loss of passport/baggage, sickness, or accident, missed flights, etc. Further, if you are travelling to Schengen region, which comprises of 26 European nations, it is necessary to buy a schengen travel insurance with a medical coverage of at least EUR 30,000. Also, while buying the insurance don’t just go with the premium amount, but rather the spread and reach of a travel insurance company.

Set a Time for Relaxation

Go out in the mornings to see and do something and then return to the hotel or apartment after lunch for a rest before heading out for a dinner. We all need the siesta! 

Choose Fewer Places

Be realistic about what you can see and do with kids in tow. Make sure your travel itinerary is not crammed with too many wishes. Don’t try to squeeze in so many things in one plan. You’ll be tired and frustrated if you do so and will not be able to enjoy your vacation. 

The lesser you choose to see, the more enjoyable and stress-free vacation you will be having. Also, you’ll be able to take the odd-day indoors in your stride if your children require rest or weather is bad.  

Request for a Child’s Meal

At the time of booking a flight ticket, request for a kid’s meal. You can’t ask for the same after boarding a flight as these are made on order.  

Break Daily Routines

Holiday is the best time to deviate from your daily routine. At home, you might have a strict schedule for your child, especially when it comes to food and bedtime, like no junk food and no late nights. However, when you are on a trip, it is the time to put enjoyment over your child’s schedule. Let your child enjoy his/her favorite pizza! Bending the rules for fun will itself be fun. Once you are home, you can go back to your normal schedule.  

Traveling with children can be one of the best experiences that you can have as a family. So, exercise the due diligence and follow the above tips to make it an unforgettable journey. After all, holidays with young kids isn’t about the holiday, it’s about making such memories which you can cherish throughout your life. 

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