Trends in Dermatology That Both Patients and Doctors Are Excited About

The desire to look young and attractive for as long as you can has not stopped. In fact, with more individuals taking an active approach towards their health, dermatological practices are evolving to meet the demands and enhance results. Whether you’re a dermatologist looking to expand the services you provide or a patient looking for new options for treating common medical and cosmetic skin issues, you’ll find these trends to be truly exciting.

Laser Treatments for Younger Looking Skin

Medical practices like Metropolitan Dermatology offer faster solutions for patients looking to combat the early signs of aging skin. Using C02 lasers, dermatology specialists are able to resurface the skin for a more youthful appearance. The lasers quickly but carefully remove the surface layers of the skin while speeding up collagen production. It’s great for getting rid of age lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. 

Probiotic Skincare Products for Healthier Healing

There are a number of medical solutions that can be used to treat common skin issues like eczema, sunburn, rosacea, acne, or oily skin, however, some patients prefer a more holistic or all-natural approach to treatments. As a result, top skincare brands are infusing products with probiotics. The live bacteria help to increase the natural microbial community of the skin which works just as antibiotics would speed up healing. 

Skin Tightening Treatment

There is an increasing number of dermatology patients that want to improve the look and feel of their skin without having to go through extensive surgeries. Laser technology has created the perfect opportunity for this to take place. For individuals with loose skin or wrinkles on the face, neck, arms, legs, or buttocks, laser skin tightening treatments may be available to you. 

Many patients prefer it to having a facelift. The procedure is pretty simple and can be completed in one day with limited recovery time. Essentially, the lasers help to contract the skin which helps to lift it. As the lasers warm the collagen, it helps to stimulate more positive results over a period of time that make patients look a lot more youthful.

Micro-Fillers for Young Adults

Adults in their 20’s and 30’s have started trying to combat early signs of aging before it ever starts. Micro-fillers, injections similar to Botox, have yielded positive results. Micro-fillers can help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in the neck, around the eyes, nose, and the mid-face area. Their small size makes them perfect for getting in places that would be difficult to treat with full-dose injections like Botox. It is also believed that the results last a lot longer than other injection options. 

Combination Treatments for Enhanced Results

Many dermatology practices are starting to offer their patients combination treatments for enhanced results. Using service options from both the medical and cosmetic sectors, doctors are seeing patients look and feel better about their skin. A dermatologist might suggest laser skin peels and fillers to keep aging signs at bay longer. Laser body sculpting might pair well with ultrasound skin tightening treatments to tighten up loose skin. The best part is, many of these combination treatments provide results that are just as good as, if not better than invasive surgeries. The patients appreciate this because the processes are safer, the risks are lower, recovery time is faster, and, of course, the results are better.

More Male Patients

If you thought women were the only people concerned about beauty and youthfulness – think again. There has been an increasing number of men interested in both medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments. This includes everything from laser treatments to injectables and beyond. So, dermatology practices would be wise to begin creating services and treatment packages geared toward men. 

Looking young and beautiful isn’t going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, neither are common skin issues like eczema, acne, rosacea, oily or dry skin, and skin cancer. As patients look to improve their health and look their best, dermatologists everywhere are doing what they can to offer more enhanced services to provide the results they’re looking for. The trends listed above are most certainly worth taking note and considering for your own practice (dermatologists) or talking with your dermatologist about treatment (patients). 

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