Trendy Color to Incorporate in Your Mural for 2019

If you are looking at making a robust interior décor statement in your home this year, you need to think colors. With murals taking over home décor ideas in 2019, you can have your home covered with your favorite colors without hiring a painter. However, here are some color ideas from Murale Design that should work for your home décor this year.

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Sky and Sea Blue Wallpaper Murals

Blue is known for creating a peaceful ambiance. One hard thing to get when you want to have your walls painted blue is the best kind of image you want to be portrayed. With murals on the other side, you can have the perfect sky and ocean blue you want. That is because you have the chance to choose from the various options. Additionally, if you have a particular picture in mind, you can always get a customized blue mural to transform your home.

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Earth Tone and Green Mural Wallpaper

Last year, earth tone wallpapers were all over bedrooms. This year, better designs and images are in the market. From forests to other incredible landmarks, you can always transform your home to a special place where visitors get lost in thoughts. Green murals showing images of forests and different kinds of vegetation can create a refreshing feeling that will leave a room looking incredible. This year expect new earth tone and green mural wallpapers thanks to the latest geographical discoveries.

dark wood murals
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Dark Wood Murals

Giving your home a different texture to compliment your furniture is another great way to choose your mural. Since you can never correctly paint texture on your walls, getting it printed as a mural will give you the chance to get a more realistic touch. Last year, dark wood murals were very popular in many homes and business premises. The good thing about murals is that you can found temporary ones that you can install and reinstall when you move.

These murals were very popular last year especially in kid’s bedrooms and kitchens. However, textured murals can do with any room of the house depending on the kind of room and texture. It is also a good idea deco idea for commercial places like restaurants.

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A Ton of Berries

Fruit themed wallpapers are another great way of decorating your home.  One thing with murals is that they are massive and show every detail. Berries, for example, are known for their colorfulness and mouth-watering smell. As an essential part of nature, fruit-themed murals can be used for decorating bedrooms, dining rooms, and even a children’s hospital. Last year, astonishing berries murals were installed in many bedrooms and this year, more new designs are expected in the market.


There are so many kinds of mural color designs that will transform your home. However, it is imperative to pay attention to the type of furniture you have around the place you want to install your mural.

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