Trendy Gadgets To Look Out For In 2018

Trendy Gadgets To Look Out For In 2018
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2018 is upon us, and the trendiest gadget magazines are already talking about the products in which we should have an interest. Last year was an exciting time for new trends with items like the LG Watch Sport and Amazon Echo Show making it to market. The following 12 months promise to be equally thrilling with a number of tech and non-tech gadgets having been listed as the ones to watch.

If you are passionate about things that are trendy or would like to be the first amongst your friends to own a desired gadget, read the lines below to arm yourself with knowledge around the best products to have this year.

Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy

hyperkins ultra game boy

This cool classic will make a strong comeback this year. Hyperkin has relaunched the iconic portable gaming device, and it is a better version of Nintendo’s original with the difference being the durable and sturdy aluminium shell it has been given. With the game cartridges needed to play games on this machine being the same as they were in the original device, you have no excuse not to own this beauty. The final design is still being worked on, and it will launch later this year for under $100.

Samsung S-Ray

samsung s-ray

According to CNET, this is also another great product to look out for in the months to come. Thanks to its unique technology, the Samsung S-Ray allows you to listen to music without disturbing others around you by streaming sound straight into your ears. Although the brand has not put a price tag on the product yet, experts claim this will be another exciting gadget to watch out for in 2018.

Viking Axes

forged viking axe

Forget Japanese knives and swords, as one of the most exceptional products to own this year comes in the form of an axe. Not intended to be used outdoors for obvious reasons, axes are said to be making a comeback this year. Whether you are interested in wood or would like leather accessories decorating this deadly war tool, the choice is yours with the infinite range Sons of Vikings have launched. Put some hard-earned cash aside and arm yourself with a Viking axe this Winter.

Ubtech Walker

Robots are everywhere these days, and if they are not designed to clean your home, they will help you with other chores. This walking robot with no arms by Ubtech has been designed as a security tool to help you monitor the activity in your home and look for intruders with the aid of its sensor camera. If you would like to ensure your home is a safer place, invest in this robot who in its downtime will also dance and play games with you.

Smacircle S1

This product is particularly useful for bike commuters. Stemming from a factory in Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong, this compact and light, foldable bike could be trendy this year. Weighing nearly 7 kilograms, the bike can be worn as a backpack and protect it from theft by using your mobile phone. The bike is already available to pre-order at a reasonable price but don’t delay in its purchase; prices will go up considerably throughout the year.

Toto Floating Bathtub

If you would like to feel like Neil Armstrong in 2018, there has never been a better time for you to make your dream a reality. This Asian company is at the forefront of technological advances when it comes to designing their bathroom accessories but their latest design, the Floating Bathtub, is a pearl in that it gives those using it the opportunity to feel like they are floating in space. Thanks to its integrated technology, it can simulate this feeling by lifting you off the tub floor and enhancing the experience with the use of LED lighting to provide an astronomical feel like no other.

The Alcoholmeter Wristband

If you are someone who likes going out often and you drive when you do so, this product idea could be your perfect match. We all know that drinking and driving is dangerous, not to say deadly. Governments have time and again spent large sums of money producing advertising campaigns that will inform its populations of the dangers of drink-driving. And yet, many are those who after having had a few glasses of alcohol take to the wheel in the hope they will get home safe and without being caught by the police. If you would like to enjoy an evening out without needing to worry about the alcohol levels in your blood, this wristband will help you stay within the legal amount. Its technology will tell you exactly how much alcohol you have in your body by providing a reading that is captured through your skin.

The Plume Flow

If you live in a big city, chances are you are breathing in air that is extremely polluted. As air pollution in cities grows, authorities in several countries have raised the alarm around what seems to be a highly unsustainable trend. Humans’ impact on the planet is being monitored increasingly, and pollution is just one of its effects. This device is clever in that it will tell you the amount of polluted air around you and your cleanest and healthiest routes to work. It’s so small it can easily fit in the palm of your hand, and it will start being dispatched in June this year.

The above are just some of the most exciting gadgets that the market will see this year. If you are a health-conscious individual who is worried about the air they breathe, or you just would like to get the coolest Viking axe available, the above will give you some inspiration on what to look out for and where to invest. With gadgets becoming cooler every year, we know you will have no trouble deciding on which market you will spend part of your savings. The only problem could be there are so many innovations to choose from it might be hard to decide between them. Good luck!

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