Trendy Spots for the Free Spirit in Texas

Get ready to tour Texas and hit some trendy spots where you can let your free spirit shine. The Lone Star State is full of hidden treasures that you’ll want to add to your trip itinerary. Here are a few favorites to get you started.

Catch the Marfa Lights

A mystery is afoot in Marfa, Texas. For over 100 years, visitors and residents of this small West Texas town have spotted floating, shimmering globes above the horizon. They call them the Marfa Lights. Ghosts chasers, scientists, and amateur sleuths have tried to prove just what causes these flickering lights. No one has uncovered a definitive answer. 

Are the lights just reflections of passing headlights or swamp gas? Do the ghosts of times past haunt the Earth? Some people say the lights don’t exist at all. Head east from Marfa to the official viewing station on Highway 90. If you get lucky, the lights will put on a show for you. Decide if this glowing phenomenon is real or imagined, or just accept them as a cool, unexplained mystery.

Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Nature

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Do nothing but wander through a beautiful park all day with no distractions. Spend a peaceful afternoon walking through the butterfly garden in Lancaster’s Bear Creek Nature Park. Turn off your cell phone and experience the soothing sounds of nature throughout the park. If you crave physical activity, scale the climbing rock or hike over two and a half miles of rugged trails. Head to your nearby hotel for a good night’s rest before you head back to the real world. You’ll find places to stay in DeSoto or Dallas.

People-Watch Along the River

River-Walk, San Antonio, Water, Canal, Inner City

When your travels take you to southern Texas, don’t miss a visit to the San Antonio River Walk. There’s plenty of shopping and dining along the path. You may find it more fun to just sit and watch the people go by. Due to the warm climate, you can enjoy people-watching along the River Walk year-round. Sit at an outdoor cafe or take a stroll along the riverfront path that loops around downtown San Antonio. If you want more excitement, join an event on the river such as the Ford Holiday Parade or the Confucius Wishing Lanterns on the Water.

Grab Some BBQ Grub

By now you’ve worked up an appetite during your Texas tour. When you visit the Austin area, pull up a chair at the original Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart. Chefs cook up to 500 pounds of ribs and brisket in the barbecue pit at one time. The menu offers nine different types of meat including beef brisket, pork baby back ribs, and savory chicken. Don’t forget to sample the homemade sides like coleslaw and pinto beans.

When you let your free spirit loose in Texas, you may not want to leave. If your time in the Lone Star State is limited, be sure to add a few of these bucket list destinations to your itinerary.

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