Tres Chic! French Decor Inspiration

It’s always nice to add a bit of international inspiration to your own home. If you travel frequently, then adding some foreign interior design styles can help to incorporate your hobby into your home! Ready to travel with an updated decor? How about heading to France!?

The French are renowned for their sophistication and charming style, and these two factors are very easily incorporated into a home’s interiors. Ready to add some French style to your own home? Then read on!

Tres Chic! French Decor Inspiration

Bathroom Sophistication

It’s easy to add some sophistication to your bedrooms and living room. However, when you get to your bathroom, you might be stumped for ideas. Thankfully, though, the French know how it’s done. You just need to order a bidet from and place it in your bathroom. The French swear by bidets and regularly use them. But not only are they a great way to improve your personal hygiene, but they also help add a spot of sophistication to any bathroom.

Country Style Kitchens

Have you ever been to Provence? This rural French region is known for its famous country kitchens. In fact, this interior design style has become widely associated with French style in general, not just the Provence region. It’s easy to recreate a French country kitchen – you just need to add lots of natural pine and use dark colors on the walls to make it feel extra cosy. Many french kitchens also feature a range cooker. If you can afford one, and have the space, then it’s really worth adding one. They are not only great for preparing food, but they will also keep your kitchen nice and warm.

Be Lavish

The French never go over the top with their decor, but they do like to add some lavish touches whenever they get the chance. So, it’s always a nice idea to add some deluxe cushions and throws to your living room to give it a stylish boost. When it comes to your bedroom, you might want to add an antique chaise lounge. Just remember not to go too over the top with your lavish extras. Otherwise, your interior design could end up looking quite tacky.

Embrace Cubism

Did you know that the Cubism art movement originated in France? It’s true; as you can read on, it was developed by the French artist Georges Braque with some help from Pablo Picasso. This is a very easy style of art to bring into your rooms. You just need to add some avant-garde pieces of furniture and decorations next to some antique pieces. This mix of the old and the new is at the very heart of the spirit of Cubism.

Once you add some French inspiration to your home’s interior design, it will certainly look tres chic. The tips above will help you get off to a good start, but there are certainly more ideas you will find if you carry out some more research.

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