Tried-and-Tested Remedies for Stiff Necks

Tried and Tested Remedies for Stiff Necks

Have you got a crick in your neck? Pain and aches in your neck can be extremely uncomfortable and they might leave you feeling like the only thing you want to do is lie down in bed so that your neck can be supported. But, in actual fact, all that rest probably won’t be doing your neck any good. You will be better off taking a look through the following remedies for stiff necks and seeing if one of them makes a difference.

Get A Better Mattress And Pillows

One of the main causes of neck ache is poor support while you sleep. You need to make sure that the mattress on your pillows on your bed are correctly supporting your neck and back to prevent any posture issues. This will also prevent you from waking up in pain. You should visit a specialist mattress store to make sure that you have the best possible mattress on your bed. These stores often also stock pillows that can alleviate any neck and back issues as well. If you can’t find any that help you, it’s worth seeing your doctor or a sleep specialist to see if they have any of their own recommendations.

Work on Your Desk Posture

Work On Your Desk Posture

Another major cause of neck and back pain is sitting at your desk and working at a computer all day. Most people work in offices this way and, as a result, neck ache is a huge issue with many office workers. Thankfully, though, there are some things that you can do to prevent it causing you too much pain. Firstly, make sure that you have an ergonomic desk and office chair as these will improve your posture as you work and will prevent you slouching over your keyboard. It’s also important to take plenty of breaks so that you can give your back and neck a rest.

Stretch It Out

Hardly any of us know that there are certain neck stretches that we should do in order to relieve pains and aches. Were you not aware of these stretches? Well, now is your time to rectify that so that you can start to feel the difference. Simply stretching the neck from side to side can help, as can stretching it so that your chin reaches your chest. There are lots of online videos that you can use to make sure you are stretching your neck correctly.

Use Heat And Cold

If you find that your neck is particularly painful one day, you should take advantage of heat and cold treatments. For instance, simply holding a pack of frozen peas against your neck can effectively reduce any pain that you are feeling. If that doesn’t seem to work, you may be better off buying a heat pack and holding that against the painful area.

Tried and Tested Stiff Neck Remedies

Once you know all of the above remedies, you should find that you never have a problem with a stiff neck again. You might even wonder why you didn’t get yours sorted any sooner!

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