‘Twas Christmas Day Morning…by Kim Miller

Just a little poem that I wrote Christmas morning while I was waiting for the children to wake up.

‘Twas Christmas Day morning
Mom was up and about
Doing last minute arranging
‘neath the family tree

The children still nestled
and snug in their beds
as Mom creeps past their rooms
a smile begins to spread

So peaceful and happy
smiling wide in their sleep
she knows in her heart
of the day they are dreaming

Mom throws in a wash load
starts the dishwasher humming
sips a cup of fresh coffee
and reflects some this morning

This year’s been a blessing
in more ways than one
Even with the sadness of losing
beloved dad much too soon

The gifts round our tree
remind me to see
the gifts I’ve been blessed with
and angels watching over me

Thru sadness and tears
has come joy and sweet laughter
and strained family ties
are now stronger than ever

Our health and our love
great friends in our lives
what could be more precious
Than having family by your side?

So as I wait for my children
to wake and to rise
I wish you all a Merry Christmas
and blessings like mine.

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