How to Tweet an Image and Text

There are plenty of times when you might want to include an image with a tweet that you are sending out. It is really simple to do so, and I’ll explain it in three easy steps below using Twitter.

How to Tweet an Image and Text

First thing you want to do is log into your Twitter account and then click on the compose tweet button in the upper right corner of your screen. You’ll get this window pop open:

Compose Your Tweet

The first step is to add your photo. You want to be sure that you have room for the photo link as well as your tweet. Once you’ve added your photo and typed in your text, hit Tweet.

Go to your Twitter feed and you will see the following:


If there is an image associated with a link that you shared, you will see “View” in the bottom left corner where I have circled. Once you click that, you will be able to view the image or other media – such as a YouTube video – at that time.

However when you post an image via Twitter with text, it will automatically expand in the news feed to show the image if it includes

That’s it – that’s how simple it is! I’m sure that there are other programs that you can use, other means to get the same results, but this is how I share images on Twitter that works best for me. Hope it helps!

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