Twitter Connect – Favorite Valentine’s Gift to Receive

Welcome back to our weekly Twitter Connect where I ask a question and you, my readers, hopefully answer! This Twitter Connect question can be answered via a tweet, a blog comment, or a Facebook response.

Valentine’s Day is officially just 13 days away now, and if you haven’t already picked up a gift for your sweetheart, it is time to start thinking about one!

So today’s question is – “What is your favorite Valentine’s gift to give and/or receive?”

Since my birthday happens to fall on February 11th (hint hint), just three days before Valentine’s Day – I always seem to end up with a combination gift – part birthday, part Valentine’s Day. Much as I complain and bitch about The Man Thing – he at least gets that holiday right if nothing else. Usually he completely forgets my birthday, but thanks to the world around us, he can’t forget about Valentine’s Day! I’m usually greeted with a cute stuffed animal, or an animated one, along with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a sappy card that he’s picked out (but won’t admit to picking out … he always tells me a lady in the store picked it out for him).

I personally love the flowers the best. I love to give and to receive fresh flowers no matter day of the year it is. Flowers have this magical quality about them that just seem to lift your spirits and surround you with a scent that is pure heaven to your senses. Granted, it would be nice to receive some bling now and again as well in the form of some pretty new earrings or a ring or two LOL!

So what’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to receive and to send? Inquiring minds want to know so spill the beans!

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    • I love me some chocolate too – Dove chocolate to be exact. I can sit there and eat an entire bag all by myself and nope – don't have one ounce of guilt for not sharing it either! Mine, Mine, Mine!!!!

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